Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Napoleonics - A Loss Again

OK another loss - again.  Seems to be my standard outcome with Napoleonics.  Certainly the terrain plays a huge part in the outcomes, as does deployment, yet no matter what I want to do my dice will inevitably screw me over.  I just seem to find the french rarely need to test to do things, and if they do the results are low, whereas I seem to always be looking at a 1 in 3 chance of things working.  So apart from my whinging the game was lost by my deployment and non-arrival of flank march.  Picture below will tell my tale of woe.

french on the move.  Seeing how I had boxed myself into such a small
section of the battlefield I couldn't get out to engage. french reponse was
to ignore my right flank and head off to terrorise my left flank.

A horrible deployment by me.  Artillery was hampered, could not
set up ready to fire on this flank.  The bloody finger hill was the
death of me.  Split my forces, my hope was my flank march.

The setup of my left flank.  A more viable deployment.  Again the
terrain did not help.  Andrew stuck the hamlet in such a way that
I was unable to deploy my guns where I could have achieved
better results.

My reaction to the french making a mad dash across the field.
Advance and hope for the best before his reserves arrived.

3rd Bound of the french.  The reserves arrive (why am I never surprised).
My hope was that the sacrificial hussars would drag away lancers
and allow my foot enough time to get across the field to engage
either the horse artillery (forlorn hope of that, they just limber up and bugger off) or
french infantry.  The leading battalion did charge, but failed to engage.
Hussars just prior to being counter charged.  Charging lads
brief hope of contact before losing 3 from shooting.  Failed
to charge home.

The debacle of the right flank.  Prussians confused and hemmed in.
My flank march of my cavalry failed by being a) led by a cautious general and b) by having said such general took a turn longer to arrive and required a greater than usual chance to arrive (5+ on d6).

While I enjoy my games (to a point), I am finding that the Prussians are really pushing crap uphill when it comes to be successful in prosecuting an engagement.  Oh well of to sulk again, look at my list and try and think positive thoughts.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Latest lot of Prussians finished.

Just over a weeks worth of painting.  Been distracted and such but I guess I can safely say the Prussians are slowly growing in numbers.  Not a lot of infantry to paint now, probably 8 battalions worth (12 figures each), some more cavalry (3 squadrons line, 1 hussar and 1 dragoon), a few artillery pieces and it will be time to start looking at another nation to build up.

I think British might be the best next as I was lucky to secure some from my friend Andrew, that and the fact that Perry Miniatures do a very cheap option in plastic.  Now if only I can keep up the enthusiasm.

Based for use with WRG Wargame Rules 1685 - 1845.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Flintloque - The Orcs (or British and Allies)

Here is the last of my painted Flintloque figures.  I still have loads of blisters still awaiting painting, and I seem to recall with some clarity a promish of Undead Russians from an old friend... I wonder who got them....

British Orc firing line.

Austrian Allies

Highland Rats

Lowland Rats

Sharkeys Lot

Mounted Officers



Spanish (Dark Elves I think from fluff)

Officers - the Looney, the Fop, the Veteran and the Wave a Hat Lad

Halflings, who loves expendable Halflings, includes organ gun.

Horse Artillery.

Foot Artillery

Grenadier types?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flintloque - The Elves (french version)

A long long time ago when there was a shop called Wargames Warehouse at Chrome Street, I discovered the Alternative Armies range.  At the time I think I was playing Empire with Stuart, Glen and some other lads whose names I've forgotten.  Early 90's I think.

I found the politically incorrect attribution of mythical races to Napoleonic Europe and surrounds highly entertaining.  The Elves were French, Orcs - British, Undead - Russians, etc etc.  Over the next day or two I shall share my painted figures for the time.  Not my best painting, but it is still better than stripping them and painting them all over again.

I will with time find their "correct" names and amend.



Mounted officers.

Artillery limbered and gun unlimbered.

Volti-something or others!


Elves all up.

Some pompous officer types.
Mamelukes - love the concept that halflings were negro.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ork project continues

It's been a while since I made a post of what I've been up to.

Above are the latest lot of painted Orks.  Some 9 heavy weapons, 9 grots/gretchin, and Ghazhkull with Makari. I'm sure there are still some older gretchin hanging about, but as to where I have put them I have no idea.

Below are the Orks off for a dip in the Dettol.  Some Mad Boyz, which I had forgotten I had, 10 Snakebites on boars that really do need that strip and repaint. Some odds and ends of which one is another weird boy, which shall give me three in the end.