Saturday, March 7, 2015

Armor Supremacy 1976

With the success of Naval War at the club today I will bring along Armor Supremacy to the 21st March meeting.

Armor Supremacy

From Board Game Geek:
Armor Supremacy is a card game of strategy, skill and luck that is based loosely on the Second World War, a 1979 game by BattleLine Publications. Each player tries to build tanks, which will out-fight the tanks of their opponents.
Each player must build mark 1 tank before completing a mark 2 tank and finally a mark 3 tank. Cards include 3 types each of Hulls and Turrets; 8 types of guns, Dual Purpose cards which reduce damage from anti-tank guns; 2 types of armor, Anti-tank carriages, Sponsons that let 2 guns be mounted on one tank hull; and modification cards that let you improve one of your older tanks as you get better parts.
Similar in game mechanics to Rummy in many ways.

Rum Rebellion Board Game 1983

Thanks to Simon Mayes who mentioned this game at the club today!  As I mentioned to him on facebook I'm surprised that it is in such good condition, having survived in my aluminium shed since 1998 exposed to the brutal Queensland humidity and heat.

May have to think of having a game of this again.

From Board Game Geek:
Rum Rebellion
Rum Rebellion - A Colonial Adventure
Players move around the board and up the three levels - Convicts transported to Australia, Merchants and Rum Corps members in good standing - to reach the top and be declared Acting Governor or the Colony.
There are three levels to the game:
Convict Level -
Goal is to get a minimum of 6 barrels of rum to purchase a Ticket of Leave and move up to the next level. Player must serve a non-parole period of one full rotation around the board.
Along the way he's paid in rum barrels for Good Deeds or by stealing them by committing various crimes. Get caught and risk being sent to gaol.
Ticket of Leave Level-
Once six barrels have been saved, and the full rotation of the board has been achieved, Convicts can purchase a Ticket of Leave card giving that player one of six occupations. Players move around the Ticket of Leave level. Players now endeavor to collect 15 barrels of rum.
Rum Corps Level-
Once 15 barrels have been saved, the player moves up to the Rum Corps level, exchanges his convict playing piece for a Rum Corps playing piece and move around the board attempting to win or purchase Vote Cards. (players still collect rum barrels from those players still in the Ticket of Leave level).
Vote cards may be purchased outright with barrels of rum.
Once 55 votes have been collected, the player attempts a Coup and takes a Win/Lose card.
Lose: player loses all 55 of his vote cards
Win: player is declared Acting Governor and wins the game.