Friday, April 24, 2015

Undead in a week(ish) sense!

Over the last week I have been starting off slowly with my return to painting.  Skeletons first, then moving on to more detailed models as time permitted.  Being a person imprisoned within the goal of my mind, and residence I have a lot of time on my hands.  With great relief has come the desire to start painting again.  The work is rather pedestrian and I'm mostly painting these models to be played with, not to sit on a shelf looking ultra pretty and gather dust.  OK so that may not be true considering the size and diversity of my collection, much of it does sit and gather dust (though protected from dust).

Working on a Elven Liche to command my army, as per my narrative that is still in the making.  Will post my Rhulic stuff in the next day or so, seeing I also worked on them as well.



Undead for 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Necromancers.  Marauder release on the right.

Mummies.  Hard to find.  I was able to get two from a person
who used them for Blood Bowl.  Weapon addition and they look good.

Vampires.  Middle one is a Marauder model.  

My mighty chariot contingent.  Also a Plague Cart, Carrion,
and Skull Chucker.

An "aeriel" shot of the army.

Closer shot of the vampires.  The chap on the right I like
to call "Spike", I was a Buffy fan at the time (still am).

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rusty after so long with no game!

Finally fate allowed me to play a game of Napoleonics with Andrew.

What can I say, the terrain was interesting (read that as - of no use to me).  My deployment was flawed, the list was wrong (I thought I had the list right but was using one with battalions 20 strong).  Wrong footed from the start, and plagued by bad die rolls I returned to my form of the past.  Taking photos according to Andrew is the kiss of death for my games.

Here are some photos of the night with some explanations.

The right flank (my perspective).  Nothing happened all game here.
All the action was on the left flank.  My artillery was unable to
replicate it's usual destruction of Andrews batteries - I suffered from
it this time, actually running out of crew to man the guns.

The left flank were all the action happened.  Notice my uncustomary
use of 20 strong battalions.  Should have set these up in front of the enemy
guns and hoped for the best.  I had one small unit of 6 Hussars versus two
regiments of french cavalry.  

The elite grenadiers were almost wiped out by Andrews howitzers,
2 figures remained at the call of play.

The last shot before I stopped thinking about taking photos.
Wrong footed (well played by Andrew), and the one critical
die roll I needed (2+) I rolled a 1.  After that it was all downhill.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Undead Army 2015 Project

I've been in a rut, have been for a long time.  It's the problem with your illness takes control of your life.  In an effort to retake my life I've decided to undertake restoring my Undead army.  Most of the figures are 2nd edition skeletons and such with lots of stand-ins until such time as I can replace them with something more to the time period or whatever tickles my fancy.

This is the second Undead army for me.  The first one I gave away to a friend of mine at the time.  Which I cry about sometimes as it included my catapults, mummies, carrion and a Nagash.  Of well, I don't regret the generosity, just the loss of knowing I had them once, much like my EPIC Tyranid army,  Brings an ache to my heart every time.

So back to the army.  The skeletons are the 2nd edition plastic ones, which while I loved the adaptability, prove to suffer breakage from handling.  Namely the torso from the pelvis.  Spent a fruitful morning gluing the casualties back together.  The Khemri army I collected at one time has been absorbed into the list.  I've built a unit of Grim Reapers that need to be painted.  Crossbow and arquebus armed models will prove entertaining if not challenging. Thankfully my spare parts are still plentiful and I will use either Dwarf or Mordheim crossbows, and blunderbuss from Mordheim as well.

Thanks to Nick C I have a almost new box of 1st Edition plastic Skeletons to assemble.  There are a number of black knights, carrion and a catapult to make.  Thanks to Aaron T and Simon G for letting me pick their collections, especially Aaron as I was able to acquire Arkhan the Black.

More updates and a narrative to come.

Stay tuned!

My army general.  A liche.

The army as it stands, at least the painted stuff.

This is the assortment of models that will be used for 4th Ed WFB onwards.