Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bommerz over da Sulphur River

Many years ago when GW once had grand opening sales you could pick up a real bargain.  In this case for me it was Bommerz over da Sulphur River, bought for the princely sum of AUS$10!  Most EPIC players were buying them purely for the aircraft figures they contained.

Game start up.  Solo play. Random chits placed.

Just my luck, decided Orks like speed, go fast, first hidden token? Rock Spire, next one, Rock Spire.... surely not the next, yes you guessed it Rock Spire.  So high speed and rocks don't mix, hence 3 of my 4 aircraft are damaged without even seeing the target.  Maybe being slow does have it's advantage, wait, that's not Orky thinking!

Thinking that thinks can't get any worse, well, they get worse.  Welcome to the Imperial Interceptors and the first one happens to be sitting on the bridge.  Great.

Some argy-bargy push and shove.

Finally some damage to the first bridge! 

Damn found that second Interceptor, and being damaged when finding it doesn't cut!  Parachutes, wots that!

Managed to damage an Interceptor and deal another two damage to the bridge.

However now I'm down to one Ork flyer, two angry Imperial fly boys and a bridge that won't fall down (yet).

Nailed an Interceptor prior and finally the bridge thanks to the other Interceptor pushing me onto the objective!

Making a mad dash for "freedom" and bragging rights, only to find the last bridge had a sodding laser defending it.  Sadly did not get to write home about this!
End result: Fun beer and pretzel game.  Solo is entertaining, but would be even more entertaining with multiply players, certainly among the players at my local club.