Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Napoleonics Tuesday Report

A loss after a few weeks of no gaming (in Napoleonic's that is).

I struggle sometimes to find the enthusiasm to play at times.  Being constantly flogged can really affect your capacity to think you can win.  It seems to be a factor that once I start to lose my whole outlook changes, I never seem to get the die rolls I need, my troops never seem to be in the right place and position as my opponent.  It's almost as though I inflict misfortune and depression on my game.

Here are some photos of the night with some commentary to go with it.

One day I may even know what it is to be a good player.

The Prussian line up.  Board was very open on my side. 

The french line up.

Right flank advancing. My artillery was more effective than expected.

Left flank responding to advancing french.  Skirmishers deployed.

Hussars advancing. Lancers in reserve for the inevitable rout.

Right flank continues to advance.

Oddly enough my cavalry fought on for two bounds before fleeing.

Dragoons ready to charge/receive charge.

Lancers now engaging french hussars (after mine were destroyed).

Right flank continues to push ahead.

Dragoons engage but fail due to being lower quality to french.

Dragoons flee.

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3 battalions chasing one french. 2 battalions fleeing cavalry.

french burst through the artillery, destroying them.

Lancers chasing french hussars.

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