Thursday, July 24, 2014

My love affair with the Pulp Era

My youth was immersed with the classics of the Pulp Era.  I read books by Captain W.E. Johns (and not just his Biggles books of which he is better known), Flash Gordon, The Shadow and many others I just can't put down as my memory suffers a download freeze.  With movies like The Shadow, The Rocketeer and The Mummy of recent times I have always found that the simplicity of the days, of good always triumphing over evil, so much enjoyable over the unnecessarily complex and convoluted story lines of today.

Thanks to such miniature producers, such as Pulp Figures I have been able to indulge in my passion.  I highly recommend the figures by Bob Murch and they make up the bulk of my figures for this era.

Pulp Figures

So without much more preamble here is what I have painted to date.  Please enjoy!

The Rocketeers!  My favourites to date.

Assorted heroes and adventurers.

Hooded cultists, you can never have enough bad guys.

Despot and his flunkies.

German Zepplin Troopers.

More hooded cultists, but with some fire power!
A flame thrower, honestly?

Some Space Explorers, not quite Pulp but they were in the same box.

Hapless femme fatales awaiting rescue.

Police.  Station workers, on the beat, and ready for a riot.

The odd lot, scientists, robots and ray guns.

Weird people from another realm.

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