Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ork Nobs and Warbike

Progressing through the Orks for 40K has been great fun.  The early Citadel figures had so much character, something that is lacking in much of their modern work.  The Nobs I have had for quite some time, a few were acquisitions from recent haggling, but the majority are those I have had since they first hit the shores.

I have at present 11 unique singulars, three that you can see in a previous post.  The bike with Nob has been given a wash a re-base, small touch ups and it now fits in with my current paint style.  I'll hunt through my archives for a suitable banner or even cobble one together for the banner pole on the bike.

Still lots more where these came from, three old dreadnoughts but all the small versions, heavens knows what I did with the middle sections.  They must be somewhere amongst my storage boxes!

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