Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flintloque - The Elves (french version)

A long long time ago when there was a shop called Wargames Warehouse at Chrome Street, I discovered the Alternative Armies range.  At the time I think I was playing Empire with Stuart, Glen and some other lads whose names I've forgotten.  Early 90's I think.

I found the politically incorrect attribution of mythical races to Napoleonic Europe and surrounds highly entertaining.  The Elves were French, Orcs - British, Undead - Russians, etc etc.  Over the next day or two I shall share my painted figures for the time.  Not my best painting, but it is still better than stripping them and painting them all over again.

I will with time find their "correct" names and amend.



Mounted officers.

Artillery limbered and gun unlimbered.

Volti-something or others!


Elves all up.

Some pompous officer types.
Mamelukes - love the concept that halflings were negro.

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