Friday, September 25, 2015

Street Violence - Foundry miniatures

Many years ago and I were drawn into the world of Street Violence, a range of miniatures produced by Foundry.  This dystopian modern world of street punks, government agencies, gangsters and just the out right weird caught my imagination. To be honest though it was the impressive range of female models that caught my immediate and male attention.  Call me what you like, but the female form deserves to be appreciated, either in the flesh or rendered by artistic means in the form of miniatures.

The casts from Foundry were very clean, as is common with most of the figures from this company, though I have not bought anything recently.  My collection I close to a decade old.  With that being said my style of painting from a decade ago or even further back is not what I produce today.  I spent more time than usual when I painted these models, wanting to give them the attention to detail that I was able to devote at the time.

My painting technique is simple enough and not a secret.  I start with a black undercoat, then dry brush on white allowing more white paint to show on the exposed surfaces than in the creases and deep recesses (normally not visible unless you turn the figure upside down or deliberately go looking for it).  I only use colours straight from the bottle/tin/dropper as my capacity to mix consistently colours is non existent, so for my painting deeds I go simple.  By using the white dry brush over black I can achieve a highlighting or sorts without applying another step in producing my figures.  My greatest friend is washes, which I use on all my figures.  Before the arrival of Devlan Mud, I used a watered down black ink, which I think you can clearly see in the figures shown. 

Welcome to the first of many articles that will concentrate on a selection of my rather large (some say impressive) collection that I have accumulated (and still have, I either sold or gave away large sections of it).  Is this ego?  Probably, I'm getting old now and want to share what I do to a larger community than me, myself and I.


ADDENDUM: I should acknowledge and also thank Paul H of The Emperors Legion who was able to import these models for me.  This was well before I became adept at online purchasing, but certainly thanks to Paul I was able to get a lot of fun miniatures. 
SV021 SWAT Team Suppression

SV028 SWAT Team Hammer

SV037 The B Team

SV034 The Mob

SV036 Yakuza Kingpin

SV032 Freelance Assassins

SV025 The Family

SV038 Mistress Medusa's Dominatrix Coven

SV035 Young Plugs

SV022 Fast Lucy's Street Girls

SV033 Alice White & The Slippery Dwarfs

SV024 Sergei's Korporation

SV018 Yossa's Bonehead Skins
SV1/3 Scabies Punks

Special pack.

SV014 Mercenary Fire Team

SV015 Mistress Trude's Street Girls

SV017 The Hardwire Troupe

SV1/1 SWAT Team Alpha
SV031 Street Cops

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