Monday, May 26, 2014

Baggage - Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition

My poor laptop is dying on me.  The cooling fan is about to die, and being a pensioner I just don't have the funds to repair it.  As a result my ability to post and be online will be rather restricted for a while.  I have an old HP desktop but I believe there are some issues with compatibility with non-HP parts.  Time will tell.

As part of my withdrawal symptom from no computer I have really gone into my painting side of things.  Glen and I are hard at work on baggage now for our games.  Working out narrative story lines and such to make the games link together, and gives me a chance to show the world how poor a writer I am.

Here is my first section of baggage.  For 1000-2000 points a 6" x 8" section.  I've other sections to add to allow for larger battles and each will add to the story of the baggage.

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