Saturday, May 31, 2014

Talisman - Forever Young

Many years ago I bought Talisman and its expansions and figures.  Before Fantasy Flight Games brought the game back from the out of print I had been offered obscene sums of money for this collection.  Now I'm glad I didn't sell it.  It's one of the few games my wife will play, so that must say something about its ease of play and appeal.

Everything I own for the original Talisman game.

Sorceress, Assassin, Orc

Minstrel, Leprechaun, Gladiator

Necromancer, Warrior, Rogue

Soldier, Dwarf, Knight

Elf, Prophetess, Ranger

Wizard, Priest, Monk

Thief, Woodsman, Troll

Warrior of Chaos, Druid, Pilgrim

Ninja, Ghoul, Barbarian

Amazon, Merchant, Philosopher

Satyr, Hobgoblin, Halfling

Centaur, Samurai, Toad

Still missing a few of the originals in metal.  If you can help me out, then drop me a line.  Sadly I do not have any doubles of any of the above to trade.

These are the figures I'm chasing, that is - all of them on the page.


  1. Strangely enough this edition of Talisman is also one of the few games my wife will play as well! Did you ever manage to get the Dragon Lord expansion (no board, just cards I think)?

  2. From Board Game Geek -

    The sixth and final expansion for 2nd Edition Talisman. Talisman Dragons contains over eighty new Adventure cards to be added to the Talisman game. The land is now infested with Dragons and players will have to defeat many of these powerful monsters, as well as overcoming the minions of the Dragon Cult and the many other perils included on the new Adventure cards, if they are to complete their quest. Fortunately, there are new followers and powerful magical artifacts to aid players in their struggle against the evil Dragon King - if they survive long enough to find them!

    Talisman Dragons also includes four new Characters for you to use, each with their own unique abilities and powers.

  3. Oddly enough I actually don't have this expansion. I wonder why?

  4. loevly job on all those Talisman mini's they look great.