Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Path to Glory - Tzeentch versus Khorne

The second warband has been painted and is now ready for a battle, which it did today.

The Khorne warband, (from left to right), Spawn, Bloodletter,
Chaos Champion (the Boss), Chaos Warrior, Chaos Knight,
Chaos Hounds.  (35 points)
The battle was on a 4' x 4' table, with a central ruin that was being fought over for dominance.

My opponent and I decided to set up according to a die roll - set up and placement being alternative and by movement stat.  Models that suffered from Stupidity (the Troll) had to deploy first (house rule), we then also included the Spawn in this equation as well after some thought.

The view prior to start of the battle.  Tzeentch on left,
Khorne on right of photo.

Tzeentch set up. (From left to right)
Marauder Horsemen, Chaos Champion (the Boss),
Chaos Troll, 2 units of 4 beastmen (though one is out of shot)

Khorne set up. (From left to right)
Chaos Spawn, 3 Chaos Hounds, 1 Chaos Knight,
Chaos Champion (the Boss), Chaos Warrior, Bloodletter
This was a game that was a contrast in capability to show all extremes of dice rolling.  I honestly thought the game would have ended about turn 4, but the tenacity of a few units to either fail to hit and wound and for others to make miraculous armour saves gave the game a life extended.

Turn 1: Tzeentch marches to attack, though the right flank (mounted troops)
are a little hesitant to mix it.  Adopting a wait and see.  Troll doesn't care,
passing his Stupidity test and ambles at full speed.  Did Spawn really taste
like chicken?

Turn 1 (Khorne): Spawn hurtles itself towards the Troll.  Chaos Knight
and Hounds wait to see what happens.  Bloodletter and Chaos Warrior
advance, daring the Horsemen to charge them.  Khorne Champion takes the high ground.

Turn 2 (Tzeentch): The curse begins.  Horsemen fail their fear test
and won't charge home.  Tzeentch Champion worries about the outcome
and hesitates.

Turn 2 (Tzeentch), the Chaos Troll suffers a bought of Stupidity
and stands still.  The Beastmen fail to charge.  Not good.

Turn 2 (Khorne): Prior to all out Khorne attack.
Turn 2 (Khorne): Chaos Warrior and Bloodletter charge.
Horsemen hold their ground and refuse to flee.

Turn 2 (Khorne): Chaos Warrior and Bloodletter charge in.
Horsemen hold their ground.  In the ensuing combat the Bloodletter
is sent howling in rage back into the warp.  The Chaos Warrior
continues to hold his ground.

Turn 2 (Khorne): Spawn and Troll exchange blows.  Spawn badly mauled
(2 out of 3 wounds lost).  The Troll fails to regenerate and has taken
1 wound.  Battle remains locked.

The story of a number of turns.  Both Champions unable to hit,
wound or when they did, easily made their armour saves.

Another long term struggle.  The lone Chaos Warrior fought 3 Horsemen,
outnumbered and flanked, but he refused to surrender.

Turn 3 (Tzeentch): The Beastmen charge the Chaos Hounds and Knight.
Troll and Spawn continue the battle.

Turn 3 (Khorne): Battle commences anew.
Turn 3 (Khorne): The Chaos Troll is dead.  Fails to regenerate,
it dies still wondering if Spawn tasted like chicken!
Turn 3 (Khorne): The Chaos Toll looses the battle with the Spawn.
Yet the Beastmen destroy 2 Hounds,
Turn 3 (Khorne): The remaining Hound and the Knight flee the
lost combat.  Chaos Warrior kills two of the Horsemen.  The
Champions continue to struggle against each other.

Turn 4 (Khorne): The Spawn engages the Beastmen.

Turn 4 (Khorne): The Beastment pulled of a victory, managing to inflict
the one wound needed to kill the Spawn,  Loosing only one Beastmen in the bargain.

Turn 4 (Khorne): The Chaos Warrior finally kills the last Horseman.

Turn 5 (Tzeentch): Locked in battle the Champions struggle to
gain an upper hand.  The Chaos Knight rallies and comes back
to the fray.

Turn 5 (Khorne): The beginning of the end of Tzeentch.
The Tzeentch Champion finally takes a wound at the
hands of the Khorne Champion.

Turn 5 (Khorne): The Chaos Knight starts the road to
destruction of the Beastmen.

Turn 6 (Khorne): Beastmen on the run, the end is neigh.

Turn 7 (Tzeentch): The Khorne Champion follows up the last
turns wound and deals the death blow.  Game over.
So we learnt a lot from the game.  Remembered some things, forgotten others (not surprising really).

End Result:
Tzeentch Warband (2 Favour Points - playing a battle)

Khorne Warband (6 Favour Points - playing a battle [2], taking out a hero [2] and winning battle [2])
Khorne gains a Collar of Khorne - Magic Resistance 2.

What we found out at the end was that our champions actually started with a roll on their prospective god.  Silly us, it could have made a difference.  So in hindsight the Tzeentch Champion gained +1 Initiative, the Khorne Champion gained +1 wound.


  1. They are owned by me Darian. I will soon also have the other two gods and chaos divided made up, in time.