Thursday, December 11, 2014

Napoleonic Wednesday - the french flog us again!

Another night of woe.  Andrew and I used the same lists from our last engagement.  I wanted to give my list another go, as the terrain previously was not advantageous at all.  This time the terrain was for the most part on my side of the board.  Allowing me some leeway to use the hamlets and crooked stream.  Neither of us out scouted the other so a plan of deployment was used.
The pictures tell the story.
I decided to flank march with my Dragoons, but seeing they didn't arrive until the 6th turn, it was all over bar the shouting.
My troops again failed their dice rolls with typical gay abandon, leaving me flapping in the wind, with nothing else to do but watch the french shoot us down, and the cavalry running all over us.
New list for the next engagement.

I thought I had my right flank secured with the artillery and hussars to protect.
Andrew charged the guns, I counter charged the french cavalry (forgot what
type), then it all went downhill from there.

My center advanced, hoping to chase away the guns, and engage
the french troops.

My left flank was secured, but it was a waste of troops tied up
protecting the other artillery battery.

My hussars failed to stop the french, who then ran rampant
through my artillery, routing them off the field.  The rot had begun.

The center continue to advance.  The British were sidestepping to avoid the
french cavalry and artillery.

My left flank very secure!  But wasted.

It seems every time I take out my tablet to take photo's it's like the kiss of death.  I do like taking photos purely to show the games, which while I rarely win, I do enjoy (do I really) the game, certainly the company at least.

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