Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Players Mindset - it determines outcomes. Napoleonic Night

Being a thoroughly depressed individual with more neuroses than the common house cat, it can be difficult to make ones way through a game without the negative reinforcement coming to the fore.

I know that I am not lucky when it comes to anything involving chance.  Be it raffles, lotto or rolling dice.  I can always place myself in a position where I believe my troops will come through, but in the end I always seem to fluff that critical die roll that changes everything.

So last night I had my usual game of Napoleonics with Andrew.  The terrain was kind to me, I was able to secure one flank with a substantial building.  My initial assaults looked promising, with a number of unusual results, namely my cavalry winning combats and chasing away my opponent.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

My left flank held by the Prussians.  My Hussars had bolted across
the table to engage the enemy cavalry and were successful in driving
them off.  We then followed off as some infantry wanted to "party" at
our expense if we hung around.  The french horse artillery were still
limbered and no immediate threat.

My British half of the army held the right flank.  Dug in and
refusing to leave the protective confines.  However two battalions
were dispatched to deal with the french guns.

The two battalions of British advancing towards the french guns.
The British Hussars on a mad dash to help the Prussian Cavalry.
They got a touch up by the french guns, loosing 2 casualties.

Onward to "victory"?

Ducking and weaving between the Prussian columns, the British
continue on their way to support the Prussians.  Really only made
the dash to provide distraction to the french cavalry, which may have
thought to butcher some infantry.
Yes a battalion made it to engage the french horse artillery, only
to see the bastard limber up and run away off table.  Failing to nail
these guns would cause me to capitulate in the end.

Form square and hope they don't shoot at us.

Meanwhile on the other flank, the plodding British had finally
made it to the french guns, Made the final charge and chased off the
crew.  Having left my command staff miles away from the action
didn't help these poor buggers left flapping in the wind.

My Prussian Hussars have returned.  The British Hussars flanked
the french, sacrificing a battalion as bait.  The rest of the Prussians
withdrew as Andrews reserves arrived.  More cavalry and the returning
horse artillery.

Chasing off the artillery crew.  Flanking french and no command
staff made life precarious.
With the arrival of the french reserves, the horse artillery lining up for enfilading shots on the Prussian battalions in column it was all over bar the shouting.  My cavalry had been neutralised, and while I did have the guns intact, getting them to reposition would take too long.

I conceded as I could not see myself being able to pluck victory or a draw.  Being told that if I had done this etc while helpful for future battles didn't help me much.  My mind has already given the game up, in the end it was my expectation that my dice would fail me at critical times, rather than thinking I had placed units in the best position is what made me decide to capitulate.

Yes a negative mind wins battle for opponent generals.

Sigh, not even medication helps....

Thursday I have a rematch.  I will rework my list and see if I can do any better.

Knowing that when I start taking pictures is like the kiss of death to our games, I need to show something of the pageantry that is Napoleonic warfare.

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