Friday, January 2, 2015

Napoleonic Night - Thursday Battle

Finally a draw.

My list this time provided a significant scouting factor which allowed me to respond to Andrew's initial deployment.  The photo's will explain the story.  I used a modified 1813 list that Andrew had previously prepared for me.  All the cavalry except the Uhlans (trained) were Veteran quality.

A few turns in.  Andrew's reserves had appeared.  I held the line.

Ranked artillery from both sides exchanged shots, with the french
inflicting surprising results - two guns destroyed.  Crew casualties
were actually looking like they'd have an effect this game.

The line was maintained for a significant portion of the game.
I know it would be a gamble with the cavalry and decided I
really couldn't risk exposing my flank.

Another probing exploration.  

Yes, still waiting.

Hussars decided to threaten the french flanked by two battalions.

Scene is not changing.

Leaving the confines of the walls, a battalion advances.

Yes I did it again, threw some Hussars out into the open in the
vain hope of flanking the french columns.  

The Hussars, having been hurt, dash away.

Still not much happening.  Though the french column slowly advance.
Skirmishers trade shots.

Clearly moving the Uhlans sparked the french into movement.
The french cavalry all charged in the following bound.

Right a bit more luck than usual.  Chased away a french battalion.
Guards chased away some skirmishers.  The french horse artillery
had maneuvered all the way to my right flank to pepper the battalion
out in front.

Yes I know feel that I better appreciate Wellington.  I don't
have a lot of faith in my cavalry.  Though I think that should be
die rolls more than ability.

One mad french battalion managed to charge, however severe
shooting checked them.  My mistake was not charging in the following
phase (though I do find that I then find the unit then flapping in the breeze).

Trading shots.  Guard failing to charge.  The battalion on the right
survived artillery and infantry rounds to make it into melee.

A horrible cavalry melee that Andrew said was making his
head hurt trying to calculate the factors and advantages!

Last turn before a draw declared.  Trading lots of shots.  It would have
come down who rolled more successfully to determine outcome.

The mighty hand of doom!

So a break for a couple of weeks, as Andrew has other commitments.