Thursday, February 5, 2015

Once Upon A Time - one-on-one book driven combat

Back in the 80's sometime there was a curious fad that took off for a while.  Much like the solo dungeon adventures and other pre-programmed simulators of the time.  Today with the sophistication of online gaming and more innovative and robust board and miniatures games I guess these gems are just nostalgic pieces trapped in the proverbial amber of time.

Here is some of my collection that I could find at the time of this going to post.

Even Games Workshop got into the act, albeit a lot later than
the original fad.

This series proved rather popular at the time.  There other Mechs
created, I seem to remember the Griffon and Shadow Hawk.

The fighting fantasy series.  I think I lost the others of this
collection when I was flooded in 2001.
Hmmm, having troubles with the orientation.
Ace of Aces a very popular set amongst my peers
at the time.

Wild West without the figures.  Lots of fun.

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