Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday Napoleonics - Undecided due to irregularities!

I had my usual game with my friend Andrew last night.  The terrain was fairly open, with Andrews reserves arriving on turn 3.  The french were particularly aggressive in this game, I found in previous games that unless I cock up horribly (which is normally the case), Andrew tends to commit when all his forces are in play.  He is quite skilled compared to my groping in the dark responses to his actions.  Perhaps I'm even learning!

Why undecided irregularities?  Andrew was 5 points over his 1600 points (an additional gunner) and when Andrew queried my scouting factor later in the evening I found I was playing with 6 Hussars short, a 72 point less force.  So I think we'll put this down to the reason I won.

Yes I won a game.  My artillery continue to pick off Andrew batteries with unerring accuracy at times (while not doing particularly well otherwise), and my die rolls were unusually positive.  My cavalry which I have dubious faith in actually worked in my favour, particularly the lancers who drove off Andrews heavies.

So here's to next weeks game, looking forward to it.

The last turn played Left Flank (my perspective).  My landwhere would have bolted from charging french battalions, but I doubt that even a good dose of hits from shooting would have changed that position.  However I did have a Guard battalion  ready to pounce (on the left) and the Hussars on the right would have supported any further action on that flank.

The last turn played Right Flank (my perspective). My guns had reduced the french cavalry and halted their charge on said guns.  My 3 battalions were lined up to chase or engage the french troops advancing.  One battalion charged and actually engaged french deployed in line, routing them.  Way of on my right, not in picture were a troop of horse artillery which were I think, hoping I would send troops off to deal with them.

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