Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rusty after so long with no game!

Finally fate allowed me to play a game of Napoleonics with Andrew.

What can I say, the terrain was interesting (read that as - of no use to me).  My deployment was flawed, the list was wrong (I thought I had the list right but was using one with battalions 20 strong).  Wrong footed from the start, and plagued by bad die rolls I returned to my form of the past.  Taking photos according to Andrew is the kiss of death for my games.

Here are some photos of the night with some explanations.

The right flank (my perspective).  Nothing happened all game here.
All the action was on the left flank.  My artillery was unable to
replicate it's usual destruction of Andrews batteries - I suffered from
it this time, actually running out of crew to man the guns.

The left flank were all the action happened.  Notice my uncustomary
use of 20 strong battalions.  Should have set these up in front of the enemy
guns and hoped for the best.  I had one small unit of 6 Hussars versus two
regiments of french cavalry.  

The elite grenadiers were almost wiped out by Andrews howitzers,
2 figures remained at the call of play.

The last shot before I stopped thinking about taking photos.
Wrong footed (well played by Andrew), and the one critical
die roll I needed (2+) I rolled a 1.  After that it was all downhill.

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