Friday, April 24, 2015

Undead in a week(ish) sense!

Over the last week I have been starting off slowly with my return to painting.  Skeletons first, then moving on to more detailed models as time permitted.  Being a person imprisoned within the goal of my mind, and residence I have a lot of time on my hands.  With great relief has come the desire to start painting again.  The work is rather pedestrian and I'm mostly painting these models to be played with, not to sit on a shelf looking ultra pretty and gather dust.  OK so that may not be true considering the size and diversity of my collection, much of it does sit and gather dust (though protected from dust).

Working on a Elven Liche to command my army, as per my narrative that is still in the making.  Will post my Rhulic stuff in the next day or so, seeing I also worked on them as well.



Undead for 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Necromancers.  Marauder release on the right.

Mummies.  Hard to find.  I was able to get two from a person
who used them for Blood Bowl.  Weapon addition and they look good.

Vampires.  Middle one is a Marauder model.  

My mighty chariot contingent.  Also a Plague Cart, Carrion,
and Skull Chucker.

An "aeriel" shot of the army.

Closer shot of the vampires.  The chap on the right I like
to call "Spike", I was a Buffy fan at the time (still am).


  1. Looking good! I've had my own plastic chariot under coated for a while now, must get around to finishing it.

  2. looking great

    Is Spike the one the one on the horse? he looks great.

    And is that the undead cart my eyes spot next to the chariot?