Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Cast of Strangers - Adventuring in Tekumel Part 1

A cast of Strangers

A role playing game set in the fantasy world of Tekumel, the Empire of the Petal Throne.

Mridok hiTigal (male) 
Iron Helm Clan (High Clan) 
Clan affiliation - Ksarul
Class - Warrior
Alignment –Change
Mridock has come from one of the clans interests in Salarvya and was born and raised in the clan enclave, as such he more a stranger to his own nation than a Tsloyani citizen.  Upon leaving his clan enclave he has ended up in the foreigners section of Jakalla seeking employment while waiting for his citizenship irregularity to be cleared up.  This clarification is in the form of an administrative fee that is currently out of the range of his meagre funds.
Strength (87) Powerful
Intelligence (67) Smart
Constitution (59) Average
Psychic Ability (09) Non-Psychic
Dexterity (43) Average
Comeliness (27) Average

Ashane hiZhanyu (female) 
Jade Diadem Clan  (Very High Clan) 
Clan affiliation - Dlamelish
Class - Aridani Warrior
Alignment - Order
Destined due to her beauty to follow in the clans devotion of Dlamelish, Ashane chose the route of Aridani and thus has stripped herself of all the benefits that would have come from her clans high position in society.  She has escaped to the foreigner’s quarters to hide from over zealous suitors and priests wishing to induct her into the deeper mysteries of the temple, which she knows as being code for sacrifice, something she does not wish to undertake. 
Strength (67) Strong
Intelligence (55) Average
Constitution (90) Very Healthy
Psychic Ability (29) Barely Psychic
Dexterity (71) Clever
Comeliness (100) Gloriously Lovely

Qarras hiMriyen (male) 
Green Pyramid Clan (Very Low Clan)
Clan affiliation – Dlamelish
Priest of Hihayal
Alignment - Change
Qarras is as corrupt as they come, and well known for his lecherous ways.  The worship of Hihayal seemed the bettor course, and his seeking of power by the shortest route necessary failed spectacularly and he now hides in the foreigner’s quarters waiting for the fracas to die down and for him to accumulate the funds necessary to cover up his mistake, bribe in other words.
Strength (43) Average
Intelligence (81) Brilliant
Constitution (33) Puny
Psychic Ability (57) Average Psychic
Dexterity (73) Clever
Comeliness (12) Ugly

Gamalu hiArusa (male) 
Sapphire Bird Clan (Low Clan) 
Clan affiliation - Avanthe
Native of Salarvya
Magic User
Alignment - Order
Gamalu is the only real foreigner in the group, hailing from Salarvya and was on the same boat that Mridock arrived in.  Speaking very poor Tsolyani and dressed appallingly like a country bumpkin (which he is) life is difficult, finding employment even worse.
Strength (55) Average
Intelligence (79) Smart
Constitution (05) Weakling
Psychic Ability (98) Highly Psychic
Dexterity (63) Clever 
Comeliness (66) Good looking

The group have met in the foreigner’s quarters through a recruitment poster for night guards at the City of the Dead.  What easy money can be made guarding the dearly departed, after all the dead can’t hurt you?  Can they?

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