Monday, May 16, 2016

EPIC 40K Battle 3000pts

I had my second game of EPIC 40K this last weekend.  It was a joint battle of my Ultramarines with Imperial Guard against Orks and Chaos; 3000 points which meant 1500 points a piece.

I have found these rules decent enough to play, the company was excellent and the hilarity over what happened more than entertaining.  It would appear that the "good guys" (Ultra/Guards) had a plan and stuck to it, the Orks/Chaos, well might have had a plan, but Chaos changed their mind and then it all fell apart.  I honestly thought my Ultramarines were going to wear to brunt of the battle as the Chaos forces swung around to support the Orks in tackling me, but then suddenly did a U-turn when my Reaver, which they knew was slow and not doing anything it wasn't already doing, just kept advancing.  Oh well, saved my main force of Ultramarines which picked the Ork forces to pieces for very little losses.  The Imperial Guard took average losses as Guard do.  Not so good for the Ork/Chaos forces.

Moment of madness for the day, the assault phase when the Chaos Banelord and Chaos Daemon Lord assaulted the Reaver Titan with war engine support.  The Reaver won, killed the Daemon Lord, sending him screaming back into the warp.  Blast markers are not your friend.

In the end, ran out of time, but it was not looking good for the Ork/Chaos side.  My Ultramarines were virtually untouched, the Ork Gargant was pristine, but there were 8 Land Raiders and the Armour Detachment that could be brought to bear to settle the matter, who knows dice are such vagarious masters.

Photos below are thanks to Matt, the Ork player.  His conversion work and attention to detail on his models is truely awe inspiring.

I look forward to another game some time in the future.

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