Wednesday, November 26, 2014

40K 2nd Edition Games - Eldar vs Tyranids - 2000pts

What a corker of a game I had today with Mark R.

Moments of Note:
Wraithguard got an advanced deployment and toasted the Exocrine before it could attack.
My Farseer being gobbled up by Daemonic Attack (I rolled a 1 at the most unfortunate of times).
Carnifax soaked up more damage than I could believe (10 wounds).  Survived against everything I could throw at it, multimelta missiles, lascannons and heavy plasma cannon.  Got it in the end with a krak grenade.
Eldar Scouts are not effective against Tyranids (needle sniper rifles not work).
Hormaguants were very effective.
Genestealers gut everything they come against.
Warpspider like the warp and dissappear rather than fight.  Yes all three fell victim to the warp!
Biovores got to fire all five rounds of spores.

Looking forward to another game.

Wraithguard taking out the Exocrine.

Guardian gun line that failed to take my objective or gun down
hordes of Tyranids.

Some Tyranids deployed for frist turn.

Termagents ignoring the Wraithguard.

Wraithlord advancing to engage Carnifax.  Badly wounded it,
did 7 wounds, but not enough to stop it carving the dreadnought
to pieces.

Dark Reapers thinning the horde.

1st round of sustained fire, 10 dice, 4 jams.

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