Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time to move things around.

I admit that I'm one of those people who hates furniture or any other fixture in my house staying in one place for ever.  I am constantly moving things around to attempt and maximize my limited space.

Two of the bookcases I have are the cheap laminate chip board ones.  My lower story is prone to flooding in severe weather, and as such the chipboard bookcases don't last for long.  The soak up the water likely a thirsty camel in the desert.  Hence one bookcase is being recycled for the hobby room, to store all those figures awaiting a lick of paint.

My wife does AVON, and as such I get to keep her delivery boxes when she's finished with them.  However I just didn't have enough of them and had to pop into my local Bunnings to acquire some storage boxes.  AUS$2.50 doesn't sound like an expensive purchase, I bought 8 thinking that should be enough for one bookcase.  Wrong all that did was empty 3 of 5 shelves.

One of things that always happens when I clean and move things is I find games and all sorts of things I'd forgotten about.  I found my childrens (ok they are really mine) Pokemon games for the Nintendo.  Four years worth of bills (paid) which only made me depressed when I looked at how much my power bill has increased.  Then some games!

Sprayed everything with surface spray to deter the crawlies.

Just a small selection of boardgames and such from
the 1980's on wards unearthed in cleaning.  

Three shelves that now store my rules collection.
Just a few for 30+ years of collecting.


  1. I noticed your Death on the Reik. After getting back into gaming, my copy of Warhammer fantasy role play, together with Death on the Reik is one of the few things still lost... Alas my game room is smaller than yours and I have to store things in a stack of plastic crates. Perhaps a reorganisation is called for!

  2. wow you really are an eclectic gamer arn't you?

    There are some real gems in that lot....