Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dark Eldar to Eldar

We all go through a "white" period.  Yes I did it, and yes I failed, so much so that my Eldar will be have either a dip in the dettol or they will go yellow!

I wanted at the time a female Seer Council for my Eldar, which GW didn't do at the time.  The female Dark Eldar were perfect for the job.  No shuriken pistols at the time either so I had to do some cutting and transplanting to make it all come together.  In the end, I was happy with the work.

My Eldar Guardians had a Dark Elf feel to them.  In the rules at the time Guardians could go close combat (really, who would have done that).  I had plenty of spear men from my Dark Elf project left over so I made the spear the close combat weapon.

White, what can I say, not an easy colour to work with.  Because I varnish all my figures, white does not deal well with it, becoming slightly yellow from the varnish (not the colour, just the fact that the varnish dries that yellowish colour).

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