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Crime Alley Scenario - The Inside Man: Part 1 The Game Setup

This scenario was designed to make use of the terrain and figures I had available to me.  I also threw in a number of twists to change the way the games have been played previously.  As usual there's a story and pictures to go with it all.  I hope you enjoy.

The Major Plot Point

Bank employee:
Freddie Westbrooks
Bribery – Paying off an Accomplice
Meet Freddie Westbrooks - junior bank clerk, ambitious, underpaid, badly treated by his manager and ready to swing either way when it comes to improving his financial and promotional aspects.

By getting to Freddie you have obtained the information dealing with the bank alarm system and the guards personnel files.  This is one step towards breaking into the bank.

You have heard that Freddie is weak, he needs to be reminded that breaking the law has its consequences.  By intercepting Freddie and giving a stern and perhaps rough demonstration of law enforcement will stop Freddie from passing on internal bank protocols to undesirable persons.

The Minor Plot Points

Old Lady:
Mrs Soderman
Witness – Old Lady 
Mrs Soderman was the only witness to the daylight robbery of the almost priceless Rocksalt Diamonds.  She is waiting outside her apartments for a taxi to arrive to take her to her lawyers.

Mrs Soderman has to be roughed up and reminded to be silent about who she saw at the heist.  

Protect Mrs Soderman by reminding her of her civic duty to report the wrong doings of those who break the law.  Even if her life is placed in peril, would suffer great and personal loss, if her family are threatened by people of ill repute, she must do her duty and be at the law court to finger the culprits, no matter the cost.  After all you don't want to make an enemy of the law now?  Do you!

Lorenzo S. Deets
Protection Racket – Extorting a Victim
How low can you go when it comes to running a protection racket, a paperboy - really?  Well Lorenzo Deets is running a racket, he's a bookie and makes a tidy sum.

Lorenzo hasn't paid his insurance this week, and the premium has just gone up.  Time to pay Lorenzo if you know what's good for you.

You need to find out from Lorenzo who's been fixing the races at the local track.  He asks for your protection if he supplies you some names.  You scratch his back... 

The Fence:
Felix D. Berson
Fencing – Selling Stolen Property
The missing Rocksalt Diamonds are in the hands of Felix Berson a know dealer of stolen items.  He runs the slaughterhouse and butchers so people who ask too many question.... may be why the sausage tastes funny.

Time to get the money from Felix for the Rocksalt Diamonds and ensure that he has broken them down so they can't be traced.

Got to shake Felix down and find the goods, they are on his person somewhere.  Might have to rough him up and show him who runs this town.

Eldon C. McMillion
Evidence – Partial Phone Number
Attorney Eldon McMillion has damning evidence that could incriminate the Teague.  One of his idiot underlings left a telephone number of one of his ventures at a crime scene.  It does not look good.  Eldon is on his way to the bank to deposit some papers for security.

Get the briefcase of McMillion.  It's as simple as that.

You've heard that Attorney McMillion has critical evidence that could give you the Silver Shillelagh. Intercept and get that evidence.

A Story...

Teague glared at Dinny across the cloud of cigar smoke he was exhaling in great volumes.  A lot of things were happening today, a lot of it connected to those Rocksalt Diamonds his boys had lifted at the Glasschip Jewellers heist.  They were hot, the fact old Lady Soderman had seen Eamon hadn't helped matters.  Who the hell gets an allergy from diamond dust?  If he hadn't pulled his mask down it wouldn't have been a problem, now he'd have to have Dinny scare the old woman.  Geez he thought, what would his sainted mother think of him if she could see what he was doing now?  He shuddered to think of the flogging and ear bending he'd have gotten for harming an old woman - but business is business these days and his mother's been dead for years.

"Dinny lad, I need you to go scare old lady Soderman.  Just tell her that accidents can happen if she talks in court or fingers that idiot Eamon."

"Yes Teague, no problems, shall I break a leg just to let her know we mean business," chortled Dinny as he got excited over the prospect of some gratuitous violence?

"No you bloody idiot, scare her, not make her turn evidence against us.  By the blessed saints Dinny if you weren't handy to me I'd have your fed to the pigs at Berson's Slaughterhouse.  Speaking of which you go send one of the boys there to collect our money from fencing those diamonds, and tell Felix if he doesn't break them diamonds up it'll be him that'll be broken the next time I see him.  Remind him we do good business, and I want it to remain that way." 

Over from the darkened corner the voice of Ronan McNamara rose, "Mr Flanagan, sir, what about that bank job?  I've been sitting on those cases of dynamite for over a week now and the feds have been nosing around much to much for my liking.  We better be doing it soon before they find the cache and we loose it."

"If we loose the dynamite, it's your bloody stupidity that would be the cause!" roared Teague, his foul temper rising.  "You had to bait the local Orangemen didn't you and that alerted them to your activities.  If you keep interfering in my business with your Fenian rabble-rousing then you can go back to Ireland and hang from an English gibbet for all I care, but while you are here you will do as I say, you hear!" 

"Now you will go to the bank and meet Westbrooks and get the information we need.  He'll want some reassuring, give it to him, promise him whatever you think the gullible fool will believe.  He won't get it of course, he's the scapegoat for the operation and he will have an accident, like you will McNamara if you screw this up."

"Yes Mr Flanagan, sir..." replied McNamara with real fear in his voice.  No one crossed Teague if they knew what was good for them.

"Right, let me settle down... what else was there." said Teague as he resumed his seat and slowed his breathing.  Taking another long pull of his cigar he said "Time to shake down Lorenzo, he's been making a good haul of late and I think it's time he increased his insurance premiums.  It's not safe selling papers on such a busy corner, so easy to trip and fall into the traffic, know what I mean."

The crew laughed at the chance of misfortune happening to someone other than themselves.

"Last piece of business is this Attorney McMillion.  He has some evidence that I don't want coming to court.  Intercept him, get his papers and torch them.  I want nothing but ashes with which they can try and take me to court with."

Teague stood up, "right, now get to work and earn what little I pay you you bums!"

The Table

The table set up for play, lots of civilians and police about to hamper play (I hope).

Long shot of play area.

The Fence: Felix Berson.  Probably a consignment of dodgy meat arriving or being shipped out.

Mrs Soderman the Witness at her building with Lorenzo on his corner running his racket.

The bank where Freddie Westbrooks is.  A Policeman next to him to make things a little interesting.

The park area.

Off in the right corner is the Attorney McMillion on his way with the evidence.

One of a few policemen on the table.
Scenario Special Rules

The Road(s)
Right the road is a very dangerous place in town, while I can't reflect it (yet) it is full of traffic.  A Character may not run across the road, well I suppose they do but to reflect this the most they can move is a walk (6").  This will get them across the street.  However they must encounter a peril when doing so.  Success indicates they have made it across the road, failure means the traffic has defeated them and they remain where they started to cross.  You will take no hits or health checks.
You can also for reasons of strategic planning or madness (who knows) decide to actually remain on the road.  In this case you will encounter a peril, in this case though hits and health checks will occur as normal.  You can assume a passing car or lorry has hit you.

Traffic Signs
One of the locations where you can cross without checking for perils is where there is a street or stop sign.  You can cross in any direction (straight not diagonally).  For instance if the street sign is on the opposite side of the street from you, then you may cross without penalty.

The Police
There are a mumber of Police officer models about the board.  These likely lads are a deterrent (maybe) to gun happy play.  If a character Shoots anywhere within 8" of one of the Police models follow the steps listed:
1. Conduct shooting action and results.
2. Move Police model into base contact with the model that Shot (the one who had the Initiative).
3. Encounter a peril.

If more than one Police model is with 8" move each model one at a time, resolving each peril in turn.  If the Character who initiated the Shoot goes down, any other Police models that could have moved into base contact do not do so.  The are satisfied the malcontent has been dealt with.

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