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Crime Alley Scenario - The Kidnap: Part 1 - The Game Setup

We are sticking to the flavour of the Irish mob being very non kill orientated.  Sure they will bust you up but they won't kill you, and this is how I've organised the scenario for this time around.  I'm also sticking with the special rules for the roads and the police for at least this scenario.  Will see if they are a hindrance to play or not.  After which the next scenario will have them removed and will see how the game play goes.

The Major Plot Point

Tiffany Schowalter
Kidnapping - Holding a Hostage
Tiffany Schowalter is the young wife of a wealthy shipping magnate.  She is often seen taking young Devin junior out for a stroll in the park for some air and for a chance to socialise with others.

Grab the child and hoof it.

Protect Mrs Schowalter's baby from being grabbed.

The Minor Plot Points

Devin Schowalter
Extortion - Ransom Demand.
Devin Schowalter is a successful shipping magnate, advanced in years but married to a much younger and devoted woman who has born to him his heir, Devin junior.  Devin senior is a proud man and will not allow his family name to become embroiled in scandal.

Persuade Schowalter that the thugs approaching his wife and child intend harm and kidnap unless he agrees to sign shares in his business.

Stop the Mob from threatening Schowalter and protect him.

Roberto G. Leavy
Assault - Beating a Victim 
Roberto Leavy has been gambling and loosing too much of late and he knows it.  He's afraid to go home to his dingy one room flop for fear someone is waiting for him.  So he stays at work in the public eye hoping that his public presence will keep him safe until he pay back his debt.

Leavy has to have an accident and it has to be a very public one.  No one gets away with not paying their debts, no one.

Get to Leavy and he will be able to tell you where one of the gambling dens is.  One less den of vice operating in the district will be a blessing no matter what.

Wilfred N. Lash
The Press - Truth of Lies
Wilfred Lash is always looking for a story - any story, whether it's factual or not.  The more salacious the better, he's not a well liked reporter but his capacity to nose out what is actually a story worth printing is truly amazing, because behind every story there is just a grain of truth.

Feed Lash a story about a corrupt Fed in Newbornes unit.  Dates, times, payouts, all the dirty details are there.  Whether it's true, only a full investigation will tell, and that's time consuming and it's take the heat of the Mob for a short time.

Lash has asked to meet, but hasn't said why?  Is this another "Meet me at midnight...  aargh.... I'm dead!" mystery meetings? time will tell.

Selena L. Mroczek

Smuggling - Carrying Contraband

Selena Mroczek is a shifty European art dealer known to deal in stolen pieces but has never actually been caught with any.  Her age and dreadful accented english (faked, it's excellent) makes police interrogations difficult.

Obtain from Madam Mroczek the painting of The Rainbow Ewe with the Cracked Hooves.

Find out what Madam Mroczek is "allegedly" carrying this time.

A Story

Teague was sitting at his usual spot at the Blarney Stone Pub listening to the report from Dinny as to the months past activities.  After a few more minutes of prattle he held up his hand which indicated silence to all in attendance.

"I think it is time I expanded my stocks into maritime holdings." Looking to Donagh the new man he raised his brow enquiringly? "Well Donagh, who'd be a good pick now?"

"Well Mr Flanagan, Titanic Flotsam seems a good bet at present.  Their magnate has his office in this city and I hear his young wife has just had child."

An evil grin spread over Teagues florid face, a kidnapping was an easier caper to pull off and if the right strings were pulled no harm would come to anyone and he'd be a richer man from the bargain.  Yes all up it was a good option.  

"What if they don't play ball Teague," asked Dinny, "what do we do with the baggage? I'm not a killer of babes, Teague!"

"No, nor should you.  No if they don't come to the party, we let them sweat it out.  If after a month or two they still don't pay up then we leave the child with one of the nuns at the local churches, no harm done."  Teague was troubled, the other Mobs in town were ruthless, sure they had their own codes of "honour" but still...

"What else is on the go this time round Dinny?"

" Leavy owes us $500, he's been hiding at the Bamptons hoping we won't touch him there.  What you want to do about it?"

Teague rolled the cigar around his mouth and puffed a few clouds into the air.  "Break him.  Send a message that no matter where you are, if you owe us money you have to pay.  No good will come from hiding or squeeling to the cops.  Dinny, you might like to do that job."

Dinny smiled and continued "Madam Mroczek is in town with the painting of The Rainbow Ewe with the Cracked Hooves.  Stolen of course.  She'll want too much but I suggest we offer her half what she wants, I think she'll settle for that.  I just hope that she hasn't hidden it in a haggis like she did the last painting she sold us."

The Blarney Stone Pub was slowly filling with the midday trade and Teague was eager to finish his meeting before prying ears and eyes wandered to his group.

"Lastly I want one you to see Lash of The Press Gate and feed him this little story I have here," he handed Dinny some papers, "it has some details which will incriminate a member of Newbornes unit in criminal activity with one of our boys, young Eamon, who's sadly left our shores for home but who's infamy will tarnish one of Newbornes men.  At least I hope it will.  It should at the least take some heat of us, if we play our cards right it might even get his unit shut down."

The hum of the midday lunch crowd started to grow.  The Silver Shillelagh's took that as the sign to get up and go about their tasks.

Scenario Special Rules

The Road(s)
Right the road is a very dangerous place in town, while I can't reflect it (yet) it is full of traffic.  A Character may not run across the road, well I suppose they do but to reflect this the most they can move is a walk (6").  This will get them across the street.  However they must encounter a peril when doing so.  Success indicates they have made it across the road, failure means the traffic has defeated them and they remain where they started to cross.  You will take no hits or health checks.
You can also for reasons of strategic planning or madness (who knows) decide to actually remain on the road.  In this case you will encounter a peril, in this case though hits and health checks will occur as normal.  You can assume a passing car or lorry has hit you.

Traffic Signs
One of the locations where you can cross without checking for perils is where there is a street or stop sign.  You can cross in any direction (straight not diagonally).  For instance if the street sign is on the opposite side of the street from you, then you may cross without penalty.

The Police
There are a mumber of Police officer models about the board.  These likely lads are a deterrent (maybe) to gun happy play.  If a character Shoots anywhere within 8" of one of the Police models follow the steps listed:
1. Conduct shooting action and results.
2. Move Police model into base contact with the model that Shot (the one who had the Initiative).
3. Encounter a peril.

If more than one Police model is with 8" move each model one at a time, resolving each peril in turn.  If the Character who initiated the Shoot goes down, any other Police models that could have moved into base contact do not do so.  The are satisfied the malcontent has been dealt with.

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