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Crime Alley Scenario - The Inside Man: Part 2 - The Game

Well this was a very different game from those I've played previously.  This time the plots were actively chased down and some cunning was played with the cards.  The abilities that the characters had also had a hand in the way the game played as well.

So here is how the game went!

The Silver Shillelagh's won the table edge and the initiative so things were looking good for the mobsters.  Eamon had Speedy and was able to dash up to a plot point, but it proved to be a difficult one required three successes.  Just as well Teague was on hand.  Ronan and Finbar were in position to pounce on the Attorney McMillion the next turn.  Dinny and Ronan started to cut their way toward the park and the bank. The G-Men were having trouble, deployment was no the best.  A lot of running was involved with the hope that turn two would see them in action.

Eamon making a dash to Felix the Fence.

Ronan and Finbar moving in on Attorney McMillion

Excuse us 'mam, government agents, make way.

Dinny decides to make for the bank while telling Brian to go for Lorenzo, however it would be best to use the park and the civilians as cover.

It's a shortcut...

Yet again the business with testing for perils and forgetting that health checks aren't taken.  We had a "take back" on this one as it had no effect on game play.

The G-Men watched in horror as Felix slipped Teague an evelope (with large sums of money) but which he claimed later was just a letter to post.  (Reward +1 Contact) Thaddeus found Mrs Soderman and successfully secured her statement for the upcoming hearing.  (Reward +1 Tip)
Thaddeus makes sure Mrs Soderman knows her civic duty.
Thaddeus sees Ronan making his way to Lorenzo the bookie and shoots him.  An inquisitive policeman comes over and investigates, but little comes of the matter. Finbar grabbed the Attorney McMillions briefcase and destroyed the files.  (Reward +1 Contact and +1 Gear)
Finbar has the luck of the Irish.
Teague uses his Dread Gaze ability to shut down Thaddeus in the hope of stopping him from doing any further damage.  Thaddeus in turn uses his Deductive skill (this goes on for the rest of the game).
Thaddeus plugs Ronan in an attempt t stop him from getting to Lorenzo but draws the attention of Officer O'Toole.
Brian shook down Lorenzo and achieved the plot (+1 Gear).  Outside the bank Voorheese failed to cower Westbrooks, however Thurman turned up and two G-Men were apparently more than enough to make the crooked bank clerk think twice about a life of crime.
The G-Men get to Westbrooks, it was easy as pie, but wait the mob is going to interfere.
(Silly me put the wrong reward card down for the photo it was the +1 Experience.)

Brian gets Lorenzo to pay up.
The fight at the bank begins in earnest!  All out brawl.  Dinny the sidekick versus two ally G-Men.  While Dinny could take them down, the would not go out.  In the heat of the brawl, Thurman who had the Major Plot (who really should not have engaged) went down,
Ronan uses his shotgun (Blast) to lay down a deadly hail of lead.

Dinny looses his cool and rushes into the G-Men and starts laying into them.

In all the excitment of the brawl Thurman forgets he had the Major Plot and goes down.

A lot of really ineffective gunfire is exchanged, but it does draw another officer of the law in to investigate.

Nothing to worry about officer, I have a license to discharge this weapon.

In the end Dinny remains standing, but the Major Plot is lost.

The Wash Up
A very different game.  Shooting was limited in this scenario, not sure whether it was the threat of Police being with 8" or just that more interest was shown in the plots.  The road was an interesting twist to game play, but I think that it hindered movement somewhat.  Will try a few more scenarios before I come to any conclusions.  Dread Gaze was awesome as it allowed Teague to shut down Thaddeus who was going to be a threat, especially as he had Two Gun skill.  Mind you Thaddeus was able to offset this set back with Deductive and just draw cards, which helped.  The cards in play made a lot of difference as well, certainly not a lack of them.  Had Thurman not gotten caught up in the excitement of brawling he would have held the +1 Experience Reward and the Major Plot and won the game for the G-Men.  Next time Gadget, next time....

Silver Shillelagh - 3vp
Newbornes Special Operations Unit - 1vp

A Story....

Teague puffed away furiously on his rapidly disappearing cigar, he was feeling somewhat elated from todays activities.  He had managed to outwit Newborne in broad daylight, staring the man down across the street while all about them the take downs were happening.

He had gotten the money from Felix the Fence for the Rocksalt Diamonds.  His only problem now was the Eamon was spotted at the bank in the scuffle and old Mrs Soderman had pointed him out to Newborne whom he had persuaded to testify in the heist case.  Eamon was going to have to go back to Ireland and enjoy the dull fruits of potato farming if he knew what was good for his health.  

Finbar had grabbed the Attorney McMillions case and seen to the evidence being burnt to a crisp.  He guessed that earned Finbar a small reduction in his outstanding debts, only another bazillion dollars to go.

Lorenzo had squeeled about the extortion but paid up and will continue to pay up.  Sending honest looking Brian to do the job wasn't such a bad idea of Dinny's after all.  So in the play of things the minor rackets paid off handsomely.

The bank job, well at least Westbrook kept his mouth shut.  When Thurman had the goods on him and got involved in the brawl Dinny started outside the bank, it was all to easy to forget the evidence he was carrying.  When Dinny decked him and he dropped it, at least Westbrooks had the intelligence to grab up the papers and stuff them back in his bag and scuttle back into the safety of the bank before more feds and police turned up.

All up it was not a bad day at all.  He'd find another way to fiddle the bank, and with Eamon on a long journey back to Ireland, things were looking pretty good... for the moment.

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