Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pulp Alley Scenario - Get Greystoke AAR

My goodness what a difference a shake up in abilities and terrain and bring to the party.  This time hidden was used to successfully, though more from fear of the ladies gun line than - oh wait it was tactics in play!

In the end Lord Ackerley had a win but it was hard won and only through some vicious card play at times that things went his way in the end.  The ladies did not play fair, and the men quite frankly hid and used Ackerley's Harmless ability to save the day, that and hide a lot.  Perilous terrain also took it's toll, the giant man eating plants got Pike in the end.

A Story...

Garfield struggled to pull his booted foot out of the clinging and sucking mucking mud for what must have been the millionth step.  His muscles ached, the clothes were drenched in sweat, the insects were positively growing fatter from his blood each time he swatted them away.  He looked ahead and marvelled that Ackerley hadn't even broken into a proper sweat yet, it must be all that damn tea he was swilling.

Slowly the dense jungle thinned slightly to rockier ground and exposed ruins of some prehistoric civilisation.  Garfield recalled Tarzan entertaining them one night at Bumrush Hall, about how there had been a mighty yet questionable civilisation in these lands.  No one had properly investigated the ruins and it had an evil reputation with the natives.

"Ackers, I think it would be best that we stick together old bean.  I've always read stories where adventurers who split up are picked off one by one until..."

Ackerley, Lord Wishart turned and gave Garfield a disbelieving look. 

"Nonsense man!  You can't believe everything you read.  No I won't hear a word of it.  We're British, we're the equal of any savage we're likely to encounter here, man or beast, alone or together.  For God's sake man, were's your Pluck!"

Garfield saw that there was no arguing with Ackerley when he was like that so he looked at the terrain and made a decision.

"Batty, I want you to go check those not threatening looking ruins that look like a evil wizards tower.  I'm sure there is nothing there that should worry you.  Pikey, take the left flank and check the far section of ruined garden section, Niles you do the same but take the right closer to us.  Don't pay any attention to those large giant man eating plants, I'm sure they are figments of our imaginations... I hope.  Jabari, stick with his Lordship and for heaven sake keep your hat on.  Right, off we go!"

Table setup with: The giant man eating plant garden with two minor plots.

Table setup: He said - She said, with Tarzan in the perilous ruins.

The main party of Ackerly, Garfield and Jabari off to get the maps.

Damn those plants have run riot, should have brought some Agent Orange, whatever that might be?

The ladies (Ms Sorrow, Hazelwood & Friesenhahn) strategize and form a very effective and terrifying gun line.

Forthwright & Steihauer spot Archimedes in the garden talking to the plants.

How the end of the first turn looked.

Lady Hillary snuck through the underbrush but found she couldn't get a bead on anyone.

The ladies gun line advances but Ackerley's ability of Harmless saves him.

Garfield and Niles responding to the threat of the gun line and hiding.

Gladys encounters one of the perilous giant man eating plants but subdues it with a vicious kick to the berry sack.

Barrington against all odds succeeds in a perilous climb and spots Tarzan with a cherry 'ello chum.

A lot of hiding going on.  Ackerley is off solving minor plots.  Jabari is holding onto his hat tightly.

Gladys acquires the samples from Archimedes while Pike stealthily moves into position for a quick bang. 

Barrington dashes past Tarzan with a brief cheerio to support Ackerley who is making his way up the stairs.
Pike had his way with Gladys taking her out and saving the plot falling into the ladies hands.

The deadly, yet highly ineffective gun line, while still remaining capable of instilling fear - advances.

Ackerley having some quiet words with Tarzan, but before that he has to first deal with the perilous ruins he entered.
Jabari dashes forward ready to unleash the terror that is beneath his hat!  Lady Hillary obtains the map half.  Garfield remains hidden, waiting for a half decent opportunity... to run!
Ackerley having defeated the 500 year old curse now convinces Tarzan it's best to remain in Africa.

Jabari unleashes his deadly Peruvian killer moths and Hazelwood goes down as she attempts something cunning.  Niles in a rather unsportsmanlike manner shoots Sorrow in the back.

Pike stumbles upon a root... of the giant man eating plant and is subsequently taken out of play.
Steinhauer steps in and claims the dropped samples, hooray a plot recovered!

End of the turn six.  Lady Hillary beats a hasty retreat.  Jabari unleashes another torrent of deadly Peruvian killer moths removing Ms Friesenhahn.
OK not as detailed as my previous reports.  I'm finding it hard to keep notes, enjoy the games, and take photos all at the same time.  I'm thinking that maybe what I may do in future reports is try and recall the more memorable actions and re-stage the figures for a staged photo.

Lord Wishart 
Minor Plot - "Unhand me you savage!" +1 Gear
Minor Plot - "She said." +1 Backup 
Major Plot  - "You want me to vote." Red Herring

Lady Shtop-Pitt 
Minor Plot "He said!" +1 Gear and +1 Backup
Minor Plot - "What leaving already?" +1 Gear

A Story...

Ackerley sat on the squishy lump of tentacle that had attempted to pull him into the ruined tower when he had hailed Tarzan.  It had been touch and go there, he had almost dropped his cup and saucer, but who'd have thought that the tea he was drinking was deadly to the creature.  Yes he had saved his precious china, but spilt it's content over the questing creatures tentacles as it attempted to drag him into its dark den.  Tarzan had then finished it off, dashed sporting of him.

He then turned his gaze over the jungle musing on the affairs.  Mr Hackleman and Ms Dellinger seemed to have stopped arguing and would appear to have found common ground in an embrace.  Ah, love, it is the greatest cure to all anger, or was it the precursor of all wars?  Oh well, he was sure they'd work it out one way or the other.  

The ladies of the Association were being assisted with their dignity and would be sent on their way shortly.  He was sure that Lady Shtop-Pitt was lurking in the bushes somewhere nearby plotting evil thoughts his way, nasty piece of goods that one.  Pity, fine mind, just needs a good cause, rather than the mad one she hell bent on persuing.

A faint cry echoed from further down the ruined garden, accompanied by some vigorous thrashing amongst the plant life.

"Will someone please go and release Pikey from that damn plant.  I think it's taken just a little too much of a liking to him for his own good.  Niles, I think you'd better do that, Jabari is too busy trying to find those bloody moths of his.  Can't have them breeding out here, what would Quarantine Control say about it?"

Well he thought, all up not to bad an adventure.  He'd stuffed up the Foreign Offices plans for a while, Tarzan was nonplussed about what they had planned and has decided that he needs to truly get lost in Africa for a while.  Maybe he'd join him...


  1. THANKS so much for playing and sharing Pulp Alley. I'm really enjoying your photos and stories.


    Pulp Alley

  2. THANKS so much for playing and sharing Pulp Alley. I'm really enjoying your photos and stories.


    Pulp Alley