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Crime Alley Scenario - The Kidnap: Part 2 - The Game

This was a far more brutal game than the last.  We were prepared to shoot this time, without fear of the consequences.  As usual there is a story to go it all.

The figures from Blue Moon are just the right size that I can fit them onto a 30mm base.  What I intend to do for future games is colour the bases so that the Minor and Major Plots can stand out amongst the crowd of civilians I have on the table.  I'm not sure on colour yet, maybe white white for Minor and Yellow/Gold for Major.

No mucking about this time, the Feds are moving on in a block and are ready to rumble.

As usual the Irish Mob split up into two groups, Teague with Ronan and the new man Donagh.

Dinny the leading Finbar and Brian.
Turns one and two were spent sprinting on to the table and positioning, so not a lot to report.  No one was prepared to shoot or test the waters crossing the roads.  All the action starts from turn three onwards.

Teague gets to Schowalter and points out his man Donagh making the move on his missus.  Schowalter cracks and signs over the shares to Teague.  (Reward +1 Backup).

Teague gets to Schowalter and the shares!

Donagh menaces the mother and child while Schowalter looks on.  

Will Leavy crack and tell the Feds where the gambling den is and just how many Feds will it take to make him crack?
Walter makes it to Leavy but the Mob play a difficult peril requiring three successes.  Walter only succeeds in one.  This drags in Sherman who throws in his lot to complete the plot, adding another success, still falling one short.  Yet another agent has to commit (well not really but they do) so Thurman piles in and finally Leavy cracks and spills the beans about the gambling den. (Reward +1 Tip).
Trying to get to Madam Mroczek is proving difficult, the traffic and the hedge of all places to meet.

Meet me at midnight I have a message.... argh.....  and he died on the spot!
Forrest met with the reporter Lash only to be told a cryptic "meet me at midnight argh...." and then died on the spot, an ornate dagger protruding from his back.  Is this a clue, you had better hang on to it. (Reward +1 Gear and +1 Backup)

Madam Mroczek is as difficult as Leavy is to crack plot wise, just how many men does it take...
Finbar has to risk the traffic to attempt to complete the plot, only to find he needs help.  He does navigate the traffic and fails the plot going no further.  Brian attempts to cross the road but it defeats him and he stays where he is.  Dinny has no choice but commit to the plot and groans at only making half and attempt one out of two.  He'll have to wait till next turn to finish the plot.

Neweborne finally takes action and nails Donagh before he can snatch the child.
Newborne moves to stop the Irish Mob from grabbing the child.  The problem is the police officer outside the bank interfers and crack him over the head with his baton taking him down a health as a result. (Failed a peril test, in the recover phase Newborne did not recover his health either, not good news.)

Police officer giving Newborne a crack over the head for discharging his firearm outside the bank.
Dinny finally completes the plot with Madam Mroczek only to find out it's a Red Herring!
Newborne shoots Teague whose health drops (after Two Guns).  Police interference again but the peril was a Free Pass.
Ronan shoots Forrest who goes down dropping the plot (Reward +1 Gear and +1 Backup), another Policeman arrives on the scene but an exchange of cash sees him look the other way.
Thurman, and Melvin fail to cross the road.
Walter and Sherman cross the road.
Finbar crosses the hedge (just).
Brian runs towards the baby.
Teague attempts the Major plot and succeeds with 1 success (of 3).
Recover phase - Forrest fails and is removed.
Leavy feeling well and truly threatened by the constabulary!

Turn 4 placement

Teague attempting to capture the baby.

Newborne shoots Teague with Two guns but fails.  Policeman intervenes, health reduced
Ronan shoots Newborne, and send him down.  Policeman intervenes, another payoff.
Walter shoots Teague and misses.  Policeman intervenes, Walter fails peril and removed.
Sherman shoots Dinny and reduces health.  Policeman intervenes, Sherman down.
Recovery phase - Newborne, Sherman and Walter removed.

Policemen on the take everywhere it would seem!

Teague and Dinny move in to snatch the baby.
Teague decided to leave the baby to Dinny and block the Feds from interfering in the snatch.  Brawled with Melvin reducing his health.
Dinny succeeded in snatching the baby and achieved the Major Plot (+1 Experience).
Thurman brawled Teague with no result.
Melvin brawled Teague with no result.

All out brawl with the large Irishman.

Dinny grabs the baby and legs it.
So another exciting game of Crime Alley has finished.  This time a lot more happened that in the previous game.  More shots were fired.  The Policemen interfered more often and it would appear from the way the results happened that they were on the take from the mob.

The Policemen interference played nicely this time, so I think I will keep this mechanism.
The roads I think I will drop, will they were an interesting play I think they made movement a little too difficult and corralled movement into a predicable pathway.  Once I acquire some more buildings and mix up the terrain there will be some more excitement I hope in future play.

The Silver Shillelaghs - 4vps
Newbornes Special Operations Unit - 1vp

A Story

The crying baby was starting to get on his nerves.

"Will somebody please take the child somewhere safe for a while. He's getting on my nerves."

All up it had been a good day, he hadn't realised that the town square was being patrolled by Sergeant O'Tools boys, that had proven to be a boon in disguise indeed.  The look of dazed confusion on Newbornes face when O'Tool had rapped him over the head with his baton had been priceless.

Who had killed Wilfred Lash he had no idea but it had been none of his lads, so it was a mystery to be investigated.  Someone had mentioned an ornate and oriental style dagger.  Were the eastern beggars moving into his territory, did he have to start worrying about them now.  Was He making a move in the area?  But he was dead wasn't he?

Teague lit another cigar and took a long pull.  Leavy had ratted out his gambling den at The Blarney Stone Pub, that was a short term problem.  He'd have to find a new base of operations, pity it was a good pub.  Leavy though, Leavy was going to have to pay.  He'd have to have a word with those Jews and see if they be prepared for some wet work, it's not that it's what he wanted, but he message had to be sent, and he was sure they'd get the job done right.

"Dinny what happened about that painting" he queried?

"It was a Red Herring boss."

"What, The Red Herring?" 

"No, as in it wasn't there, she was spooked and didn't have it on her.  She'll make another drop off when the times right."

Well thought Teague, thinks were looking good in the payroll right now.  He had good stocks with shipping, he would get a high ransom for the child, a message was to be sent to the gambling community about unpaid debts and.... the mystery assassin... that was for another day!

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