Monday, July 25, 2016

Pulp Alley Scenario - A Vampires Bloody Heart AAR

This game had the Major Plot was Vlad Senior all the other Vampires were Minor Plots, the objectives, get their rotten beating hearts.  Yes, normally a stake through the heart is what is lore requires to kill a vampire, however the script writer in this instant has asked for the beating hearts.  Perhaps he has some sinister plan for them at some later point in time?

Against Lord Wishart are the seasoned Vampire Hunting Team plucked from the pages of literature, just to annoy Vlad Junior, who wailed pitilessly at the breach of copyright and demanded damages and a lawyer of which Lord Goldaming produced a card for services of Johnathan Harker. But I digress below are pictures of the Vampire Hunter League.

A Story...

The hapless motor vehicle came to a juddering halt in the badly maintained road.  All the passengers bar one looked with trepidation at the uninviting village.  Cold shivers ran down their spines.

"I guess we should go in then?" ventured Niles, his voice quivering slightly in apprehension.

"W w w w well I suppose this looks like the place, I suppose we could drive on and try the next village just in case." Postulated Eberhard hopefully.

Lord Wishart drained the last of his tea, handed his cup to Jabari indicating another cupful while reaching for the car door handle.

The light from the full moon shone brightly into Ackerley's face as he searched for where the unfamiliar door handle was on this make of car.  Just as he found it, and as Jabari prepared to hand him his fresh cup of tea a shadow crossed the moon light and the car door was swung open.  A lisping voice greeting him in passable English.

"Good evening, marthterths. Welcome to Spurtenpurgen, I'm Igor."

The Hunters on their way into the heart of Spurtenpurgen.

Ackerley calming walked across the village greens towards the nearest cottage.  As he neared the homely cottage he spied a scantily clad lady with enormous assets appearing to have difficulty getting into her lodgings.  They must still have outdoor privies here he thought, she's locked herself out. A slight stirring occurred... in his cup of tea as his drew in his breath to say a greeting.  It was drowned out however by the booming shot of Eberhard's gun. He was equally dismayed to see the woman go down first with a hole through her guts, then as she casually got back up with a demonic rage upon her visage as she faced her long overdue judgement.  Oh well thought Ackerley, all that glitters is not gold...

Turn One - The scene is set for the mayhem to follow.

I was promised a Literary Agent, where is one!  The Hunters dispatch the deluded Vlad Junior.

Nail that vampire.  Shoot that silly bugger stupid enough to carry a light in the dark.

Hunters make the best of the open terrain and have sprinted for the Major Plot.

Ackerley left to search for a very difficult heart.

No Jabari just stumbled for the camera that's all.

Lady Goldaming has grabbed the Main Plot and done a runner.

Jabari and his wonderous deadly Peruvian Moths.

Niles goes down to some bad luck.

"Jabari I'm out of tea"

Concentrated gunfire gets them in the end, pity one of them got away... the one with the plot!

There goes the one with the plot legging it!

Look you wouldn't hit a man with a cup of tea would you... oh you would would you!
Look over your shoulder and at the frame below and see my two chums coming to back me up, still want to hit me...
oh... you still do!

End of the game!
Sigh, luck or lack of it.  That seems to be what cruels me with just about any game I play.  I lost out on the better deployment side.  Ok ok I'll stop whinging, call it an old man prerogative.  Poor old Ackerley lost again, I'm beginning to get used to this.  If it weren't for the highly entertaining stories I can weave out of the whole adventure I think I would be thoroughly depressed.

Vlad Senior - Major Plot - +1 Gear
Vlad Junior - Minor Plor - + 1 Backup

Lord Wishart
First Bride - Minor Plot - +1 Tip
Second Bride - Minor Bride - +1 Gear and +1 Backup

A Story...

What a night thought Ackerley.  Full of excitment and half naked women, just wait till he got home and told the lads at the Club about it.  Damn, there was that stirring... in his tea again.

"Marthterth, I haff tended to efferyone."

Ackerley looked at the odd man and dearly wished he hadn't.  

"Ah, yes, thank you Igor.  You say the villagers will be back shortly?"

"Yes marthterth"

The sounds of many motor vehicles could be distantly heard coming up the single roadway.  The lights crazily lighting the distant countryside with bizarre images that enhanced an already heighten imagination.

Garfield approached Ackerley quickly while glancing at the collateral damage the village buildings had suffered during the brief yet violent encounter between opponents and monsters.

"Ackers old man - I think," and at this he point out to Ackerley the shot out windows of the nearby cottage, "the locals might be wanting payment for this.  I don't know about you but I'm just a bit short at the moment."

Ackerley suddenly looked very attentive, realising that he'd have to pay for something.

"Right, quick chaps!  Into the car, off we go.  Leave the other lot to explain things."  Turning to Igor he shook his hand, "Lovely to meet you, say hello to your marthterth, I mean master. Toodles," and with that he lept into the car which then sped off at speed past the approaching convoy, which had to swerve to allow passage.  There was plenty horn blowing and shouting of abuse.

Meanwhile in a darkened and safe location Vlad the Elder watched and plotted...

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