Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Napoleonic Night

Had one of the longest games (turn wise) of Napoleonics in a long time.

The first table we rolled up I refused to enter the battlefield.  It was similar to the last game where I'd have been screwed over by the finger hill and other terrain features.  Normally I would live with the terrain created but I was tired of being shafted by terrain.  So the first game was a win to Andrew as I conceded the battlefield without a shot being fired.

The second table was not as kind to me either.  The majority of the terrain minus a crooked creek and hamlet were all on my side of the table.  Again I was severely restricted with choice of deployment.  This time I elected to go with reserves, though I ran the ploy of flank march by asking to dice for generals ability.  However under the rules this is only diced for when the first opportunity for flanking is to occur (need to check that properly in the rules though).  The major cock up was that I could not deloy more than half my points in reserve.  I placed my 2nd Brigade and Cavalry in reserve as I had no idea where Andrew was going to deploy (neither of us out-scouted the other).  Choosing reserves worked for me, even though my main body of infantry was delayed to turn 4, the cavalry did arrive on time.

I was not aggressive in this battle.  I waited and weathered the storm of highly accurate french artillery that mauled my columns as they waited the french advance.  I set on fire one of the buildings the french had chased one of my battalions out of.  While Andrew conceded the game to me I believe it was more a draw, and would likely have been a loss for me had the game played out to the end.

Below the battle in pictures with some explanations of what was happening.  Sorry for the quality, my tablet seems to be degrading in quality of taken photographs.  Maybe one day I might own a decent camera capable of taking the photo's I want to take.

Initial french deloyment.  Heavy artillery that was surprisingly accurate.

The square-ish tablet cloud of photography shadow!
The rest of the french deployment (less their reserve).

My on table deployment.

Another look of my initial deployment on table.

Things are heating up.  My artillery was less than satisfactory.
french artillery was picking off fighting capacity with ease, as
can be seen with the gapes in my battalions.

My Hussars hiding in the lee of the building (which was eventually
set on fire later in the game). One understrength battalion took up
position in said building (but were chased out in the end).

The french cavalry were confused and wondered what my army was
up to?  Were we arriving as flank marches?  

My 2nd Brigade arrive and bolster up the slowly dying battlions
of the 1st Brigade.

My artillery in the reserve could really only be deployed on the left
flank as the right was crawling with french cavalry.

As can be seen the cavalry were stymied at bit. I sacrificed a
unit of lancers to pull the french hussars off the field, but was
hampered by the terrain to place myself in a position to engage the
french on favourable terms.
Where all the actual action occurred.  In the background you can
see the french reserves arriving.  Some Guard elite in there.
Two french battalions engaged the guns, on was routed, the other
engaged and eventually routed the crew a turn later.
Holding our ground.

Continuing to hold.

Holding by the skin of our teeth.

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