Monday, July 13, 2015

Zaragoz - book club - some background and a bit of a waffle from me.

As part of James Taylors bookclub I'm putting together some background notes as I slowly read through the book.  

My memory is really bad as I clearly must have read the book when it came out?  Normally once I pick up a book that I've not read in decades I start to slowly recall the plot and ending as I go.  I can normally be happy recalling or finding a paragraph I'd forgotten, or piece together another aspect of the world or characters.  

Recently I listened to the audio of Dragon Flight by Anne McCaffrey and was shocked to recall that it was written in 1968, was it truly that long ago.  I am fast finding that my taste in literature is taking a backwards plunge.  I'm going back to the authors I liked in my youth, including many that a viewed as politically incorrect in this modern day of giving no offense to anybody.

So here are a few pointers from the first 3 chapters I have read. 

Solkan is the master of vengeance, an angry god who inflicts the retribution of the Gods of Law on those who offend them.  He is the most popular of the Gods of Law, and many Witch Hunters worship him.  His followers are held in general fear and mistrust by the bulk of Old Worlders, who find the absolutism and bigotry associated with his worship uncomfortable.
Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: A GrimWorkd of Perilous Adventure (1st edition), p210

In the distant past, Arianka was defeated and imprisoned by an unnamed Chaos God, and it is said that she lies in a crystal coffin hidden somewhere in the Old World.  Many places have claimed to have found her coffin over the centuries, the most recent, according to rumour, being Praag (see World Guid - Kislev). It is also said that she can be freed from her coffin only be means of some crystal keys, whose location has never been found, it is not even known how many keys there are, and whether they are hidden together or seperately.
Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: A GrimWorkd of Perilous Adventure (1st edition), p210

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