Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Traitor Titans Walk

Some time ago I obtained a number of badly painted Warlord titans.  I think there are about 12 waiting some love and attention which I will get to eventually.

Chaos is one of the few armies that I have not spent any time preparing as an EPIC collection.  I did pick up some in a rather one sided deal (no in my favour), but nevertheless I was happy with the little I had.  I'm wanting to build my EPIC for the Horus Heresy period, with few mutations and overly recognised betrayal.  I see the initial battles as between very similar troops and equipment, with only visibile corruption after exposure to the warp - long term.  But that's my interpretation.

Here are the titans I have painted using the second hand titans from ages ago.  (Many thanks to those people who helped me build my collection, Bruce, Glen, Simon and a chap from down South who I can't recall at the moment.)

Sadly I can't afford colour ink for my printer so the banners are hand painted and decals applied.  In the end they don't look too bad.

No name for the Titan Legion yet, will have to think about it.
I run them in threes. Banners have skulls which denote number.

Titan 3

Leading Titan (#1)

Titan 2

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