Saturday, July 11, 2015

Superseded Rule Sets

The Warhammer Fantasy Battles latest edition (8th) has been superseded by Age of Sigmar.

So what!

What people need to realise is that just because a new set of rules has been released or one set has literally dropped off the face of the planet doesn't mean that the game is over.  That's right people you can continue to play your favourite edition of whatever game system you have, all you need are like minded individuals to game with you.

For instance WRG had a set of Ancient Rules which "evolved" into DBM, DBMM and the "simplified" set of DBA.  The popular 6th (and 7th) are still being played in tournaments (primarily in the UK from my knowledge).  The surge of people playing 3rd/4th edition WFB continues, although most seem to be collectors of miniatures of the period.

Immediately disliking the next incarnation of your rule set is not the end of the world.  Play what you want to play, if your "friends" or opponents jump the fence to stay with the more recent and "popular" movement, then let them.  The miniatures will continue to exist, there are many companies that produce alternative range of figures to meet your "last unit" needed category.

Don't be one of the sheep!  If the community are unhappy with changes band together and continue to support the rule set you like.  Develop it into what you want.  But don't think that it no longer has any value as a game or a way to have fun.


  1. Something tells me the people getting upset by this woudln't want to play our sort of games anyway..