Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ork Gargants on the Stomp

Having finished off an old project of Chaos Titans I moved on to some Ork Gargants that have been sitting in the box for ages.  These are the blocky models which I confess I'm not a huge fan of, I prefer the first released Ork models, they seemed to have more character than the somewhat lifeless one released for EPIC Armageddon.  However that is my taste, and with the withering supply of product out there I take what I can.

I've about six Great Gargants still to do, though whether I will, time will tell.  There are a couple of the smaller Gargants to finished off, which I may post pictures of.  One day I must sit down and work out what sort of EPIC army I have in points.  My preference is for NetEPIC over the last released rules.

Till next time, STOMP loudly, and have fun.

The Gork and Mork Gargants.  Green and Red.

Bad Moons.

Group shot.

Included this with flash photography.

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  1. Nice, I have three of each that still need to be painted.