Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday Napoleonics - A Draw

With temperatures dropping to 3C in Brisbane Tuesday night it was with aching backs and old age that we set up to have our game.  Talking about advancing age it was with some lack of foresight that I recall saying that wargaming would be a game that you could easily play into your 80's.  I'm thinking that's well and good, but I'm finding the bending over the game table for any length of time straining the muscles of the back (if not the spine).  The lead miniatures are "rather weighty" (reference to The Mummy Returns)...

I think we were both happy with the terrain setup.  I think that with the way I play my Prussians I need to have a significant section of the table clear for my to deploy in such as way that I can get the best use of my troops.  I confess that I can't or don't get the best use of my cavalry, though I am using the lancers more as bait these days than hoping they may actually win engagements.  Must remember they only have 100mm final charge...

I'll only post a few pictures this time, as my capacity to produce consistent photo's does not appear to be... well.... consistent.  Time is always an issue for us, while I have the burden of being without time constraints, Andrew does work for a living, so late nights aren't always achievable.  Game was called at 10pm, after a 7pmish start, so a three hour game was good.  I am finding that I spend a bit of time weighing my options these days when committing my units.  So where I'm usually of the opinion to send them in they'll charge no problems, I have to work with the certain fact that they won't.

At the close of play it was decided it was a Draw, though Andrew seemed to be of the opinion I may very well of won had the game gone longer.  Maybe...

Here are some selected shots from the night with commentary.

Main french deployment.

Main Prussian deployment.

A staggered approach to engagement.  The lancers after taking an
initial casualty from artillery, survived to play a crucial role.
Repositioned the artillery on my right flank to touch up the
french advancing from the farm.

The pivotal engagement in the battle.  My Hussars and Andrews
Guard remained locked in combat until the arrival of the lancers.
Regardless that I was disadvantaged from the start I managed to
either claim a casualty and draw to keep the combat locked.

Lost real estate to the french.  Lancers should not charge square.

The dice that did not want to commit.  Cocked die indeed.

Lancer arrive to engage french hussars.  french adopt line.
Yes that combat is still going.
My lancers won the day against the french hussars.  Still engaged
with the other cavalry battle.  However here comes my Dragoons
to add to the battle outcome.

Meanwhile on my right flank my other squadron of hussars wait
for an opportunity to pounce.  Sadly they went to square before I
could deliver the charge.
This hamlet lost to french occupation.

End result of the cavalry engagement.  Guard fleeing.

Last turn, with the french elite about to charge in.

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