Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back to the Future - Warhammer 40,000

While I love my WFB old world figures, I do have a passion for the really early figures of 40K.  The little world I game in here in Brisbane, Australia have opted for 2nd Edition 40K Rules as the way forward.  I've started with Orks and Space Marines.  Below are my dreadnoughts I have recently acquired.  I do apologise for the "shine" on the shots.  I ran out of my stored supply of flat varnish and only had a choice of satin or gloss.  My local stores don't even stock flat varnish so I had to settle on satin as the lesser evil.


Addendum: 16th June 2014
Here is the latest (let's not hope last) Dreadnought.  I confess that I have never seen the model with single bolter on the hands, so I was over joyed when I was able to acquire this one thanks to the very kind man Simon Machin.  (BTW I hate Satin varnish, once I can find flat varnish again everything will be redone!)

Named after the Lead Mountain Rescue Hero Glen Taylor.


  1. Great stuff, our playgroup is now in our 30s and last year got back into 40k. We also only play 2nd Ed. ��

  2. Love me some oldschool dreadnoughts. I painted up a few late last year to game with my buddy in Melbourne......much fun was had.

  3. great old school dreadies there, that varient must have been a nice find indeed.