Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast

Back in June of 2005 in White Dwarf Issue 306 there was an army list under the Warhammer Chronicles banner that caught my eye.

Undead have always been a particular favourite of mine when it comes to armies in any system.  When I saw these and the buzz that went with them I just had to try making them.  There was a tournament later in that year, it might have been Orktober Fest, I can't remember but I was allowed to take them.  Normally the WFB people don't like lists from the WD, but my proven track record in defeats meant that I was in no way going to upset people by using a list no one else was allowed to use.

So here is my army!  I'm still trying to find the list I actually made for the tourney and will post in due course (I never throw anything away).

A parrots eye view of the army!

Special Units: Razortooth Rats

Core Unit: Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob - brace of pistols

Core Unit: Zombie Pirates Deckhand Mob

Core Unit: Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob

Core Unit: Scurvy Dogs, each lead by a Bad Dog

Special Unit: Cannonade

Rare unit: Queen Bess

Special Units: Animated Hulks

Special Units: Deck Gunners

Special Units: Deck Droppers

Odds & Ends: Bloated Corpse, Vampire Fleet Captain and Syreens


  1. damn your just missing Barbossa and Jack Sparrow to really make it a Undead Pirate army LOL

    Seriously though, that's a great varient army, I wish more people used those varient lists.