Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eldar Scout Walkers from Citadel Journal #8

I am going to have to have a search through my old White Dwarf collection (starts about issue 5) and find that particular issue that covered these conversions.  However my old mind thinks it could have been a early Citadel Journal, oh well, I shall search but will most likely have some very kind soul point me in the right direction.


Addendum: Thanks Richard Legg who found that the article was in a Citadel Journal.  It's #8, pages 36-39.

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  1. An immense thanks to Richard Legg who informed me that it was printed in Citadel Journal #8 pages 36-39 "Eldar Scout Walkers.
    Mind you I just looked at the issue and remember making a Gobsmasha or two back in the day. Sadly they didn't survive the times. Yet I may make them again!