Saturday, June 14, 2014

Will the Rock Lobba (Skull Crusher) replace the Lead Belcher?

"Wizza, look wot I'z got!" exclaimed and excited and jubilant Grog Tooftayka.

Wizza looked up from his task of reoganising his fetish collection with mild alarm.  He always worried when Grog got excited, it meant more work for him in the long run.  His gaze was drawn to the garishly painted red skull chucker.

"It tosses rocks ten times faster than a plain 'un, itz da red paint dat duz it, so dat Gobbo trada sayz." Grog eyes where misting with tears of happiness, or it might have been the kick he got from Wizza to his nadgers.

"Boss how much did ya pay for dis?" said Wizza as he cautiously prodded the painted war machine.  His finger poked through the veneer of thick paint to find that the rot was just not imagined.

"Iz paid 500 shinies!  It woz a bargain, I tell ya."

Wizza thought he could just catch the Gobbo merchant before he reached the Maze and disappeared with the ladz pay.

"Now we don't have ta pay for dat expensuv bang powda, so we's save big time."

Will the Skull Crusher replace the Lead Belcher?  Stay tuned for future episodes....

Sadly missing the Commander figure, but all else is there.

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