Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scabbies, half-bloods, and creatures of mixed heritage.

“Um, Boss.  Dere’s sum odd gitz wanting ta talk ta da boss of dis here camp,” said Leetle Jeem.

Wizza looked down, never up in the case of Leetle Jeem who after all was a Snotling.  Leetle Jeem was smiling with an evil intent that might have, on a bad day, worried Wizza, but today was not that day.

“Wot is day  Leetle Jeem?”  inquired Wizza, as he reached for his staff.

“Day call demselves scabbies, but dey really juz mongrels bozz.  Ya know, halfies,” said Leetle Jeem.

Great thought Wizza, while he could tolerate his green skinned kin, half-orcs were a different kettle of fish.  Depending on the trait which was dominate they were either trouble or more trouble.  Better known as mercenaries they were despised by all sides desperate enough to employ them.  Most employers treated them as arrow fodder and made sure they were always in front of them, and never behind.

Wizza followed Leetle Jeem to the outskirts of the camp and saw the massed ranks and banners of an army.  Wizza gave Leetle Jeem a good kick to arse, sending him sailing forward through the air to land at the feet of the Half-Orc “general”.  Bleeding little bugger thought Wizza, I should have known he was up to something with that evil grin he flashed me.

“Who’z da boss here?” said Wizza, ignoring the obvious candidate who was standing out in front of the massed troops.  He saw all sorts of banners and icons, lots of white hands and red eyes.  Oh dear he thought, not the exiles from I’s En Guard Eah.

The Half-Orc grinned an evil grin and pointed his thumbs into his chest.

“I am little Goblin, I am Lurt’ze commander of this here horde.  We are looking for employment and loot.  What do you say little Goblin?” said Lurt’ze.  His words were clear and not accented.  Wizza saw that this lot had spent a lot of time in human lands.  This could be a bonus.

“Da Boss Grog Tooftayka will see you Lurt’ze.  Follow me.”

What does this mean for the future of the warband?  Stay tuned for more....

The above force is everything except the Half-Orc Shaman who is currently on the paint table.  That's right all 0-100 Warriors, 0-20 Bushwackers and 0-20 Henchman,  Now I just have to build an Orc & Goblin army big enough to field them!

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