Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Has Wizza been stumped?

Wizza was worried, he’d heard that Grog Tooftayka had had a moment of inspiration and was doing things of his own making.  This worried Wizza no end, the last time he’d been absent, Grog had decided that the wheels on the chariots and wagons were to be replaced with square ones.  This had come about after a wagon had rolled away from its handlers and knocked Grog to the ground.  Grog reasoned that if the wheels had been square it would not have rolled and therefore would not have left him lying in pig excrement.  Wizza had spent two days undoing the damage of this decision, Grog only changing his mind when he found his favourite chariot would not go fast enough and kept jolting him off platform every time the wheel turned.  What madness would Wizza find this time upon his return?

As he approached the sprawling camp, he dodged the odd ambitious goblin assassin, avoided the hungry boar and wolf which were looking for a quick bite and then he saw the felled trees, woodchips and very blunt axes.  Around the communal camp fire he could see four giant shapes looming above the throng of goblinoid audience.  Oh no he thought, please don’t let it be giants he pleaded to the gods, the last one had almost eaten the entire warband before it had wandered off.

It wasn’t any giant; it was the Black Orc leaders standing upon wooden stumps, heads and shoulders above all the other lads.  As to where Grog was, there was no sign and that was just as worrying.  Damn that Gobbo trader who brought supplies and sold information, he must have told Grog about the Dwarven shield bearers and oath stones.  The tree trunks upon which the boasting leaders stood had been painted in garish colours to identify their particular owner.  The only good Wizza could see coming from this was a high turnover in champions as enemy archers picked them off from their now exposed position.

But where was Grog?  Who cares, but all will be revealed shortly...

Gutkill and Snapstik

Who's the new Standard Bearer?
On the right - Stompabitz

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