Sunday, June 22, 2014

Evolution of the Slann Mage

Here is my collection of Slann Mages over the ages.  At the bottom there will a small Slann on foot, who I can't identify (OK I'm too lazy to go through my old WD's & catalogs!), if you can let me know?  Is he a mage or priest, I seem to dimly remember he may have been a mage.

From left to right - the evolution from 1st to 3.5

The 1st Slann Palanquin

The Slann Palanquin that most people would remember

The latest edition (I think - don't visit GW these days)

Lord Kroak - "undead" Slann Mage

OK What is he?  Mage or Priest?

Side view.

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  1. I'm very late commenting on this but the little figure is a Mage. Mind you one could use him as a priest too as he is pretty useless as a Mage as he is limited to level one spells as he is on foot