Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What has four wheels, two platforms and a scythed log?

The Snotling foreman was waving his tiny hands in the air, attempting to get the attention of his fellow diminutives.  After a few more minutes the horde of tiny eyes turned upon their non-appointed spokesman.

“Bruvvaz,” he exclaimed “da time haz cum ta show our mighty and brutal oppressors dat we da downtrodden and expendable can do fings as badly as any udder greenskin!”

Cheers greeted his words, along with a loud laugh from Wizza Knowot who was watching on from the shade of his tent.  Wizza could not believe his ears, these little buggers were actually accepting their miserable lot and life and embracing it.  Truely the world was a mysterious place he thought.

“Bruvvaz it is time ta show our menacing mastaz our insane glory!”  The foreman pointed at the lumps in the camp that had been covered in mouldy blankets, tarpaulins and animal hides.  With much excitement the horde of creatures swarmed over the lumps stripping the covering off and revealing a two storey cart with scythed logs.

The pump wagon had been created, and it’s insanity would plague Wizza for years to come.


  1. great snotling pump wagons, they really look like they will mean "buzness".

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