Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mighty Empires - Campaign Play rules & miniatures (1990)

I have had this game knocking around in the shed!  Yes the shed, sheds in Brisbane are not the place to store things with the extreme range of temperatures we get here.  A few years ago (ok I think is was a decade ago) I launched an expedition to recover what games I stupidly had stored there.  My shed has Redback spiders (danger Will Robertson, danger!), Cane Toads (yuck) and reptiles of unknown species (I heard them but refused to investigate (I am a coward where any reptilian is involved).  I rescued a number of games I had forgotten about, some miniatures and a lot of really unhappy memories (my mothers possessions have been untouched since 2003).

I was surprised, most of the game was all there!
 The Contents List
1 x Rule book
111/112 Hexagonal Map Tiles (a Lowland tile is missing)
45/45 Village Models
43/45 Army Pieces
14/15 City Models (need 1 model)
14/15 Fortress Models (need 1 model)
14/15 Dragon Models (need 1 model)
8/15 Ship Models (need 7 models)
161/162 Territory Markers (need 1 red skull token)
Blue Counters
3 x Agent, 3 x Assassin, 3 x Saboteur, 6 x Spy
54 x Blue Territory Marker
Red Counters
3 x Agent, 3 x Assassin, 3 x Saboteur, 6 x Spy
53/54 x Red Territory Marker (need 1 token)
Yellow Counters
3 x Agent, 3 x Assassin, 3 x Saboteur, 6 x Spy
54 x Yellow Territory Marker
75/76 Baggage Counters
29/30 x 1 Baggage Tokens (need 1 token)
18 x 2 Baggage Tokens
15 x 3 Baggage Tokens
5 x 4 Baggage Tokens
5 x 5 Baggage Tokens
4 x 6 Baggage Tokens
24/24 Razed territory markers
6/6 Strategic Battle Cards
Attacker - 1 x Flank Attack, 1 x Direct Attack, 1 x Surprise Attack
Defender - 1 x Counter Attack, 1 x Hold, 1 x Withdraw
9/9 Spell markers
1/1 Sheet of self adhesive flags.
0/2 Dice (but who really cares unless the die are really special, which these aren't)

So this is what I am chasing to complete my set.
1 x Lowland tile (no idea which)
1 x City Model
1 x Fortress Model
1 x Dragon Model
7 x Ship Models (I think they were used in Man o' War at that time!)
1 x Red Territory Token (has a skull picture on token)
1 x 1 Baggage Token

I was gobsmacked to find that I got another sheet which was rather well pressed to another.  Hence I can offer this sheet towards any trades/sale if possible to completing this set.

I even found the packer ticket in the box, that's how much I must have played this game.

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