Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Night Napoleonics - A Draw!

Right so drinking Pear Cider (I only did so to see if it was any different or better than cider - jury gives a verdict of - no difference, certainly after the 12th can), and playing games can be a hazard.  Certainly I managed to damage a bridge and break a storage box lid.  Not I was not standing on the table to break the bridge.  Clearly I should not navigate around my game room while under the influence.  Thankfully my opponent Andrew was not on duty so I didn't get arrested for D&D (this time).

Right on to the game.  Whether it was the alcohol or just the fact that the terrain was a little kinder to me I felt not as badly outmaneuvered by my opponent.  Certainly I felt that my position was better.  My artillery I have decided are better at counter-battery actions than that of killing troops.  One of Andrews batteries was reduced to half strength before they were chased from the field by Lancers.  The other battery was reduced by one gun.  That battery did manage to drive off the Hussars as they did their Light Brigade impersonation.  They were sadly badly mauled.  My right flank fluttered in the air, I think I would have been safer to have had the entire unit behind the wall and settle for attrition from light troops actions.

In the end Andrew and I called it a draw.  Neither of us was prepared to leave the realitve safety of our positions for the off chance of rolling out opponent.

I enjoyed tonight, and look forward to next week with anticipation,  I'm hopefully trading my Lord of the Rings for British and Hanoverian troops to my Prussians!  Rockets, did someone mention rockets!

Here are some photographs for the night.


My noble opponent Andrew R and with dastardly french!

French Right Flank, main body on the finger hill
 on the reverse so that my artillery couldn't have target practice.

French Left Flank.

1st round of artillery exchange.  One french gun silenced!

The Lancers decide to test the french guns.

Prussian landwhere again show that real estate is where the money is.

Prussian Left flank - all good, lets keep it that way.

Prussian left flank view - all very quiet before the artillery let loose.

Lancers on their way - maybe!

French decide that the wine here is dreadful and maybe their
might be better piss over with the Prussians.  The Landwhere
decide no one drinks their piss but themselves,
and consequently hold the buildings!

Cavalry maneuver time.

Another french gun silenced.

The Prussian Right flank.  Why are the french advancing?

Lancers decided charging artillery was not a good idea.
The Hussars decided to show the Lancers how its done.
The Dragoons, line up to chase off the enemy Dragoons.

Off and racing, Hussars against the guns

The french see the weak piss in the form of Pear Cider
and make a made dash for the grog.

Prussians decide real estate is safe as houses!

Hussars on their way to charging home!

Damn, those french really do like weak grog.

Hussars are repulsed and fail to charge home.
Half the troops lost from a deadly barrage of
artillery and musketry shots.

Lancers came back to chase off the artillery.
Dragoons versus Dragoons.

Hussars racing for safety after the failed charge on the artillery.
Lancers convert to a rally back order.

Right flank looking sad.

Left flank, OK. Though the french guns did some casualties.

The final french charge and defence of the cider.

The cavalry melee continues, although the Prussians
slowly loose troops, they manage to hold up procedings
by refusing to run away.

Cavalry in action.

Prussians about to leave the battlefield.

Hussars reduced to two models and the Division Commander.

Cavalry action continues some more.

Prussian Dragoons gone with the french in hot pursuit.

Their were some Prussians troops here, but they have left
with the grog!  French must pursue off table.

Both sides continue to stare at each other until night falls.
They then meet at the local tavern and swap war stories.

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