Friday, August 8, 2014

The People of the Wild Wild West

Here are all the western figures I have painted to date.  I really feel like I want to strip them all back to bare metal and start again, but, my age makes that a silly notion.  They are good enough to play with.

Civilians.  Something that some Wild West games forget about.

More ladies - including Queen Victoria with shotgun.
Who's not amused now!

The Mexicans.  Or people anywhere south of the Queensland border.

The mob, gunslingers, bounty hunters and toughs. 

Mountain Men!

Some Victorians got lost including Prof. Moriarty and Moran.

Some soldier types of the day.

Chinese/oriental ruffians.

Mounted and dismounted models.

Very handy to have the foot figure as well as the mounted version.
Ladies were not forgotten, which is good.

Indians, Native Indians.
Not to be confused with the ones from the sub-continent.

Indians on foot.

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