Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Path to Glory

Thanks to Glen T I have found something to stir me on to doing something, rather than sit here and despair.

The Story of Johanus Mageson Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch

Johanus Mageson was sitting in the Spawns Dangly Bits, an inn of dubious temporal stability, located somewhere in the Chaos Wastes.  At his table were the aspiring champions that had graduated from the Chaos School of Potential Spawn (CSPS), Albrecht Dogface (Khorne), Perival the Pretentious (Slaanesh), and Vile the Vexatious (Nurgle).  It was just his luck to be stuck between a frothing loony and a loony that couldn’t keep his hands to himself.  Then he had to spend what little sanity he had left looking across the table at Vile and his unsettling behaviour of popping his pustules into his drink.  Honestly, weren’t there any civilised champions of chaos here at all?

Johanus stared across at Vile, the bastard had topped his marks at CSPS, or cesspit as it was better known by those who attended.  Half a bloody mark, that was what was all that was in it.  Johanus had questioned the result, but due to the bilious nature of VIles excretions upon his grade papers, it was not possible to verify the results.  So Johanus brooded, drinking his Warp Ale in simmering anger, all the while Vile accepted the accolades from his fellow aspiring champions.  Johnaus seethed in jealousy and hatred.  He could almost understand why their two gods hated each other.

At the end of what passed for evening, Johanus left his table and made his way to leave the pub.  However his way  was blocked by the many armed bouncer.

“You hasn’t paid you tab mate, no leaving until the bill is paid.”

Johanus looked confused.  He’d paid for his drinks each time the waitress thing has brought another round of drinks.

“I paid for my drinks when I bought them, I owe nothing.”

“Ah but that Vile said you were paying for everyone’s drinks for the night.  They were on the house, so to speak. “

Johanus looked around for Vile, but the vile creature had made good his escape while Johanus was engaged with the bouncer.

Johanus looked up towards the roof of the tavern and swore to his god “That thieving Vile will pay for this ignominy, I curse him and will pursue him to the ends of the earth to get my money back!”

Having shouted that, he then started to count out the coins to pay the rather large and unpleasant bar bill.

Thus was the saga of tit for tat spats between Tzeench and Nurgles champions in the Chaos Wastes.  No one deserves to shaft another over a bar bill.

Right then - I always like to have a back story.  What better rivalry than a bar bill!  I have had a look at the Path to Glory rules, made some amendments (allowing greater troops choice) and will be running with it from here.


1 x Johanus Mageson - Chaos Champion (Barded Chaos Steed) (4 Fav. Pts)
3 x Beastmen (Hand Weapon, shield) (4 Fav. Pts)
3 x Marauders (Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield) (4 Fav. Pts)
1 x Mystery Thing # 1 - Chaos Warrior (Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield) (4 Fav. Pts)
1 x Moonface - Chaos Sorcerer (Chaos Armour, Hand Weapon, Lv 1 Wizard) (8 Fav. Pts)
1 x Oi - Chaos Troll (Hand Weapon) (9 Fav Pts)

Pictures to follow in due course.  Painting them up as I type (so to speak).

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