Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Night Napoleonic - A Loss

An interesting game tonight, very much the battle decided by the terrain and Andrew's flank mark arriving.

I was expecting his flank march to arrive on my side of the board, so I chose an extremely defensive artillery right angle formation.  All it did was leave one battery of artillery flapping in the breeze.  I had to leave the limbers and horses behind so that I could squeeze my army into the available space.

In the end I conceded as I failed to carry the charge into the artillery battery, and the french were is a better position to carry the battle than I.  Good game though.

Andrew looking rather pleased with his deployment.

The majority of my army hemmed into a defensive corner.

The real estate Landwhere with my Dragoons and Hussars.

The french holding the "large stone building".

Not much on the table I thought, "oh dear he must be flank marching".

The battlefield.

A race to leave the pinched nerve and a race for the bridge.

Cavalry on the move, Landwhere advancing.

french waiting their time and for the rest of them to turn up.

Dragoons race across the table, eager to clash with the artillery.

Still trying to get into a better position.  french almost at the bridge.

Advancing through the woods.  french artillery rather accurate.

Prussians on the move.

Hussars backing up the Dragoons in the inevitable collapse.

Dragoons stay steady despite the stray round of musketry.

Prussians taking up positions.  Dragoons halted by musketry.

Landwhere advancing beyond the real estate!

french cavalry hit the Dragoons.  Melee ensues.

Landwhere still advancing.

Still buggering around to get into a better formation.

french cavalry chased off, Dragoons in hot pursuit.  Looks nice and open.

Damn the rest of the french army arrive,
Dragoons chase french cavalry off the table and follow in turn.

Prussian column sent off to take building.

All that french have arrived, not looking good.


Andrew pointing the finger of, "you want to charge into the building?"

Prussians bravely charging, but unable to better their position.

Landwhere still in the game!?

Engagment, but not looking good for the Prussians.

Last bound as I conceded the game.
Andrew forms squares to butcher my Dragoons if the return.
My Hussars and infantry fail to complete their charge.
The end.

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