Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wednesday Napoleonics

Wednesday night was my Napoleonic night.

Still trying to work out how to beat or even break the French. I need to be able to inflict enough casualties to do anything to them. Considering my columns only have a 1 in 3 chance of actually charging. If I take even one casualty on the way in, I'm (through my usual magnificent die rolling) more than likely to be repulsed and left swinging in the breeze. My artillery seem to suffer a massive problem with dealing any damage at all, and my cavalry always seem to do nothing but force the French into sqaures where they then shoot us, and make us run away.

Going to try skirmishers in the next game to see if this changes anything!

Yes it's depressing, but I need company through the game and my friend Andrew enjoys the same, and it gets him out of the house.

So enjoy the photos
Andrew and his French.  Impressive all lined up.

The French Centre

The French Right

The French Left

The Prussians lined up.

1st Turn.  Prussians tentatively advance on the left.

Prussians in line.  Landwere occupy hamlet.

Above shot

Above shot

Lower view of advancing French column.
Guns were doing nothing so I went to line in the hope of doing more.

French advancing.  Rather depressing.

Desperation from the Prussians.

Reformed to column in preparation of the charge.

Flapping in the wind.

Yes, we broke and the center collapses.

More desperate measures.

Not much happening.  

Caught between the French and a hard place.

Lancers getting out of the way.

We are very good at holding buildings.

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